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An Open Letter to Todd McShay

Dear Mr. McShay,

I want to like you. I really do. You’ve got great stage presence, and you’re one of the many young people ESPN is pushing on-camera to replace the old guard. I, as a fellow young person, should obviously lap up every bit of your pabulum.

But you can’t stop making mistakes. Continue reading


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A Story Better Than This

“There are lots of good stories in the NFL Draft,” Trey Wingo said late in ESPN’s Sunday coverage of the draft’s second day. “But you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than this.”

He spoke, of course, of the U.S. Military Academy’s Caleb Campbell, a defensive back drafted with the 218th pick by the Detroit Lions. Continue reading

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Your Madden NFL 09 Cover Boy Is…

…none other than Brett Favre, according to AOL’s GameDaily (found, originally, via Kotaku, and obviously since confirmed by every other media outlet on Earth).

Suffice to say, it sounds like a double-edged sword for Madden gamers. Continue reading

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There Can Only Be One (Handful)

It was brought to my attention that there’s apparently a version of the NBA’s “There Can Only Be One” commercials with Antawn Jamison and Ben Wallace doing the Face/Off pose. Sad? Sure. 

But you haven’t seen the other ones. Continue reading

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The 2008 NBA Playoffs: Predictions, Part 1

If everyone else is doing it, picking the NBA Playoffs series by series has to be the cool thing to do, right?

Well, I’m partly doing this because of that, but also partly because Bill Simmons used one of his weekly podcasts, this one with his buddy House, to prove, more than ever, that he is a homer. (And dumb.) Continue reading

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Live Blog: The Neverending Story of the Rockies and Padres

The Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres were scheduled to play a two-game series in the middle of this week, thanks to some wonky MLB scheduling.

Thanks to some wonky baseball, they’re currently in, at 3:15 AM EST, what could be the fourth game. I’m live-blogging the GameCast. Continue reading


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Live Blog: The 2008 Orange and Blue Debut

Much as I, as a non-drinker, lament the relative deadness of Gainesville, a drinking town with a football problem, on non-football days, I must admit that a handful of Saturdays over the year are magical.

This is one of those Saturdays. (Sort of.) Continue reading

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Live Blog: The 2008 WNBA Draft

Maybe the strangest thing about women’s basketball at the highest level is that the WNBA Draft is one day after the NCAA Championship Game. (I said maybe.)

Because just one other guy is doing this, and he’s not allowed to be funny, here’s your 2008 WNBA Draft live blog. Continue reading


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