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Riled Up About Selling Books

I own two of the books pictured. No-Prize to you if you can guess which.

I don’t know whether to be more depressed that Rick Reilly has at least ten copies of his own book on his library bookshelves or impressed that he has eBay Business for Dummies, presumably to help him get rid of those books.

Also, Rick, putting your “curvaceous blonde” wife in an ESPN video as the woman at the party you cannot get just serves to enhance your late-life rep as a charm-impaired guy getting by on name recognition.

(Oh, and the new book turned to face the camera? Lame.)

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Colin Cowherd and Basketball, In Sum

And then there’s this unembeddable video of Colin Cowherd getting his opinions literally rejected by Bruce Bowen.

Basically, Colin Cowherd’s opinions on basketball are suspect.

(Videos via Barking Carnival and The Big Lead.)

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ESPN’s Presentation, Revamped

Yes, that's Tebow on the right.

Pastapadre notes today that a video EA Sports released to reveal Tim Tebow as the cover athlete for NCAA Football 11 also revealed that the game looks like it has ESPN presentation much like the ESPN and CBS presentation in NCAA Basketball 10. That is quite cool: Though I didn’t really love the gameplay in the last version of the college hoops game, the presentation was immersive and compelling, and did a great job of translating what you see on TV to a game you can play, and I assume the better-manned gridiron franchise will take that even further. (Update: Bingo.)

However, this is interesting to me not just as a sports gamer, but as an ESPN watcher, because I forgot that The Worldwide Leader’s changing its on-screen presentation for college football, and maybe more than that. Continue reading


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