My name is Andy Hutchins. I’m a rising junior attending the University of Florida. I’m an English major with background in both print and broadcast journalism. And I was born and have been raised in Central Florida and educated in Florida public schools, so it’s a miracle I can even write this.

Rockabye is an alias I have used in honor of Reggie Nelson, former Gator safety and hellraiser, who I gave the nickname “Rockabye.” I stubbornly refuse to call him “The Eraser,” because I didn’t think of it, no matter how cool that nickname is, and will continue to trumpet my lesser-known creation until Nelson is the best safety in the NFL—which is going to happen as soon as he shuts his yap and focuses on lighting people up and scaring the piss out of them.

The Arena is a sports blog, but it is not your typical sports blog. It began in earnest in November 2007, and I have been striving valiantly to do things that are not the cheap, easy, and lazy in blogging since. Sometimes I fail at that. But I do take pride in the content here being my own, and I will defend it.

The Arena has been linked to from Deadspin, The Big Lead, With Leather, Every Day Should Be Saturday, Unprofessional Foul, TrueHoop, Dr. Saturday, Awful Announcing, and ESPN’s Jason Sobel, along with many other blogs.

I used to write a daily hip-hop post and some pop culture musings for the dearly departed DeadOn, and, once upon a time, wrote daily music posts and reviews on my own blog, Back Back Then Then. Now, for non-sporting posts from me, check out The Rockabye Review.

I welcome tips and links of all sorts. Email me at andrew.b.hutchins@gmail.com or IM me at MythMan12 or Twitter at me at RockabyeArena.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Very cool… I will be checking out your blog… I am going to show my husband… he is a sports fanatic!

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