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Keep Your Head

As always, standing tall.

As always, standing tall.

Until yesterday, I liked Chris Leak more than I liked Tim Tebow.

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The Live Blog, Squared: The 2009 Open Championship, Final Round

From Getty Images.

Tom Watson, elated. (From Getty Images.)

There is but one big reason much of America will wake up early this morning and watch the Open Championship.

I’m here for that reason and to chronicle the rest.

As always, I’m following and covering not only the action on the course but Jason Sobel’s excellent live blog.

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ESPN Head: We Will Not Push Playoff

So I’m fiddling around on the ‘Net and I find this Orlando Sentinel article naming George Bodenheimer, ESPN’s president, the most powerful name in college sports. It’s a good write-up, but the newsworthy piece is this quote:

Bodenheimer said one thing ESPN won’t do is act as a catalyst for a playoff system in college football.

“Obviously, the decision on a college football playoff rests with the universities and specifically the presidents,” he said. “Obviously, we’re here to televise whatever format the presidents decide is the best one for their college system to play in, and that’s the role we’ll serve.”

It’s just a quote, obviously, and it’s cagey. Certainly, this doesn’t dismiss the possibility that ESPN favors either a playoff or the BCS, and it wouldn’t prevent the company from lending their heft to a couple of dedicated presidents as long as they weren’t seen as the driving force.

But that clearly isn’t a ringing endorsement for changing the system.

In other BCS news, Clay Travis on its legal standing is essential reading.

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Thank You, Rich Eisen (Updated)

I have no words.

I have no words.

See it for yourself. And see the reaction. You really can’t delete tweets, Rich.

This is going to sting. Unless, of course, it’s a hack.

Update: Of course, it’s a hack.

Good for you, Rich.

Good for you, Rich.

Still, that’s a rather unfortunate way to get hacked, and probably a strange 4 AM call or text to get.

After the jump, reactions and reasoning.

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On New Deadspin (And Gawker): Primer and Analysis

New! Shiny! Different!

New! Shiny! Different!

Usually, I have a lot of words for you. You go about your business, not reading them, and I pretend you did; we’re all happy. But today I have tricked you! I have pictures! You cannot not read pictures!

And these pictures? They’re of what Deadspin and the rest of Gawker Media will look like. Continue reading


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Anyone Want the Tebow Turtle?

You will never see a reptile exist this, uh...

You will never see a reptile exist this, uh...

Given the suffocating hysteria over that messianic guy who wears 15 for the Florida Gators, you would be forgiven for forgetting the one absurd bit of it that was the Tebow Turtle.

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