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Why Fines Won’t Stop Flops

The NBA, according to, will be instituting some as-yet-undetermined system of fines next season to discourage the practice of flopping.

Don’t expect it to make much difference. Continue reading


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Ryan Lochte, Shayla Worley and the Cost of Olympic Dreams

This morning in the Orlando Sentinel, Andrea Adelson writes, “There is a spending freeze in the Lochte and Worley households.”

She goes on, in a column entitled “Families deal with reality of Olympic dream,” to describe how the families of swimmer Ryan Lochte and gymnast Shayla Worley might have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to follow their progeny to Beijing in August.

But some things felt wrong. So I did a little research. Continue reading


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The 2008 WNBA Season Preview: Expect Great?

Sure, it’s easy to make fun of commercials like this, even if Candace Parker’s among the most physically stunning human beings to ever pick up a basketball.

But maybe, just maybe, you can expect this WNBA to…well, not grate. And because I’ve got a soft spot for women’s basketball, I wrote a season preview. Continue reading


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The Disappearing Act or: How I Learned to Stop Believing in the Magic and Love Chris Paul

I was born and raised in Central Florida, on the Atlantic coast, and I am more excited about the NBA now than I ever have been.

But it’s not for the reason you might expect. Continue reading


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The Ballad of Jamar Hornsby

To the tune of this.

They say a man should never worry ’bout his debt amounts

So why’m I booked in G-Ville for a fradulent account?

It’s all because I stole a dead girl’s identity

And the 5-0 figured the 3K should probably be on me

Shoulda tried to more creatively rob

Or maybe a scheme that was a little less macabre

Shot to scare or maybe separated car from boot

Now I’ll probably guard my backfield while wearing an orange suit

(Offer applies with enrollment in Alachua County Jail.)

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