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Bill Simmons Has a Potty Mouth

When Bill Simmons does his ESPN podcasts, they’re preceded by the infamous disclaimer, “The BS Report is a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects.” That never presages anything more risque than the occasionally off-color or bleeped remark.

When Simmons goes on Adam Carolla’s podcast, he earns that warning and then some. (NSFW language ahead.) Continue reading


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Live Blog: Florida and LSU Hit the Hardwood for Fat Tuesday

I’m using CoverItLive again.

Go here for fun live-bloggery.

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An Interview With the Parents of Tebow Sanford Crumley

You remember how there was this story last week about Auburn fans in Chattanooga, Tennessee naming their son Tebow after that Heisman-winning University of Florida quarterback?

Well, you may know it from big blogs, but I know it as a tip I shot to Deadspin last Thursday.

And while the story was blowing up on Friday, I was in the process of sending emails back and forth to Tebow’s parents, Alli and Damon Crumley, hoping they would be awake and willing to do some sort of interview.

They generously consented to an email interview. Jump with me for that. Continue reading


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Can’t None of Y’all Mirror Me Back

Nike, regardless of your perception of them as a company, has phenomenal advertising. (In fairness, much of this is thanks to their close association with Wieden+Kennedy.)

But which spot is tops? Continue reading


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The Ten Most Famous Figures in Sports, Part 1

From Bill Simmons’ always entertaining NBA Trade Value column, a nugget of a great idea emerges. Continue reading

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Live Blog: Lil Wayne on ESPN’s “Around the Horn”

ESPN’s powers of synergy know no bounds. Continue reading

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Thank You, Lane Kiffin

I come not to bury Lane Kiffin, but to praise him. Continue reading


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Live Blog: Australian Open, Men’s Final: Federer-Nadal XIX

After my wildly somewhat popular insomniac-friendly live blog on Thursday morning, I’ve decided to give another one a shot. Of course, I’ll be joined by blogging brethren, and they’ve got very worthy styles you will enjoy, but I’ll be the only one using CoverItLive (and I’ll be approving comments this time) and the only one stupid enough to pull this stunt twice in one week.

If you can’t get to a TV to watch the final, I don’t blame you. But you can still watch: a feed is available here.

The live blog link is here. It will be live at 3:00. See you there and then.

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