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Lionel Messi, El Experto

I saw this a few times in Peru, and it apparently never went viral in the States, which is a shame. That turn to the camera slays me every single time.

If someone much better at it than me could make a GIF of 0:50 to 0:57, that person can get my undying affection.

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These Are My 2010 College Football Confessions

So there is an EDSBS Confessional post up, and it is chockablock with schadenfreude, chagrin, and gleeful wishes for bon vivant BMOCs in the mold of Rex Grossman, as it should be. You can easily lose an hour over there.

It’s a brilliant concept—what better way to celebrate the slightly terrifying pride and passion most college football fans have than by asking them to flip it and examine their shame?—and I was happy to be a part of it in 2008. (Look, an outdated nom de blog!) I started writing out a comment there, got about 300 words deep, and realized it made more sense to write something here, at this blog that I have and sometimes write on, than to bury all of those thoughts in the EDSBS comments. (Sorry, Jim Bankoff/Chris Mottram!)

And that’s why, after the jump, you get to read my College Football Confessions for 2010. Continue reading

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This BBC World Cup Ad Does the Rainbow Nation Proud

I don’t know if you know this, but this blog is basically all about World Cup ads now. This one’s awesome; South Africa really does pride itself on that “Rainbow Nation” ideal, and this pounds that home with some stirring, goosebumpy color-blocking. Less than a month now.

Thanks to SB Nation.

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