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Bill Simmons Alleges “I Don’t Read Sports Blogs”; Murky Syntax Saves Zoe Simmons’ Life

You pick the "your" tweet, Simmons?

I really don’t care about the “Simmons steals!” “controversy” (Basketball Prospectus’ John Gasaway nailed the only essential point to be made), but I do care about Simmons professing some aversion to sports blogs.

Why? Because he’s lying. (Probably. Maybe.) Continue reading


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Joakim Noah on Tim Tebow: “He Could Play Anything He Wants”

He knows what being the center of attention is.

He knows what being the center of attention is.

I’ll admit that though Tim Tebow is probably the best land-based athlete the University of Florida has had this decade (I see you, Ryan Lochte), my favorite is still Joakim Noah, who made up in height, boundless happiness, and purported capacity for free thought for what his reign lacked in length, relative to the Tebowverlord.

(What that has to with Noah being a Tebow fan, and a huge one, I don’t know. But I needed to say it.) Continue reading

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