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Is The Heisman For Frontrunners?

“And Heisman Trophy winners are champions,” writes Dave Curtis, keeper of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Swamp Things” blog, wrapping up his post, entitled “The Case Against Tim Tebow.”

May I direct you to Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Ron Dayne, Ricky Williams, Eddie George and Rashaan Salaam? Dating back to 1994, only three Heisman winners have won national championships the year of their Heisman. (Bush, of course, won beforehand, as did Weinke, and presumably White as an underclassman understudy; perhaps Smith, too, but I don’t care.)

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Weekend Outlook: Too Soon For Mizzou?

While the college football season has its lightest week, there’s no shortage of things at stake with Missouri and Oklahoma’s tilt both deciding the Big 12 and its aftermath shaking the BCS Etch-a-Sketch for the last time.

The NFL has a showdown to hyperventilate over with the Indianapolis Colts hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the slate is largely devoid of good matchups and populated largely by battles for table scraps, including the abysmal Miami Dolphins, currently favored despite their lack of a win on the season, welcoming the equally horrid New York Jets to South Florida.

More to come…

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Live Blog: Packers-Cowboys, November 29th

I’m live blogging this both because I enjoy it and because I know people will want to watch the game and don’t have NFL Network. I know, it’s a fantastic public service by a daring man in defiance of NFL game account reproduction regulations.

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Chris Paul, Chief Fleur-De-Bee

Tuesday night, third-year New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul scored 19 and had 21 dimes against 2 turnovers in the Fleur-De-Bees’ victory over a Los Angeles Lakers team that seems headed for their typical bipolar season.

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Blog Poll, November 6th

When this college football season’s over, the scribes will find there is simply not enough ink or storage space to detail everything that’s transpired. That’s a measure of how unfathomably great it has been.

And here’s the first only edition in the series of Top 25s I’ll put together each Tuesday from now until the end of the season once, and never again, apparently.


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