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The Fog Poll: September 24th, 2009

I’m calling this the Fog Poll because it’s a Faux Blog Poll, and in no way affiliated with the genuine article. Considering how wrong it will no doubt be, I could also call it the Flog Poll. It will probably not run on Thursdays going forward. Please, feel free to leave arguments and opinions in the comments.

First, the methodology. Continue reading

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Pat Forde Believes in The U, FSU, Mizzou, Sanity

Look at ESPN’s Power Rankings for this week in college football, and you see that they’re teasing Florida losing first place votes. Look who threw Alabama on top, and read his reasoning ($) and you sort of nod your head.

Look at Pat Forde’s top five, and you wonder. Continue reading

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On Banzai and Bonsai

A note: This blog is going to be Gator-heavy for this season. And I may be trying out Posterisks. For both of these things, I apologize in advance.

Word from Gator Country ($) is that the Gators’ no-huddle package, deployed sparingly in the steamrolling of Charleston Southern, is called either “banzai” or “bonzai” or “bansai” or something. (Gator Bytes confirms this.)

What it should be called*, in any case, is scary. Continue reading

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