Live Blog: The Neverending Story of the Rockies and Padres

The Colorado Rockies and San Diego Padres were scheduled to play a two-game series in the middle of this week, thanks to some wonky MLB scheduling.

Thanks to some wonky baseball, they’re currently in, at 3:15 AM EST, what could be the fourth game. I’m live-blogging the GameCast.

The fine folks at Gaslamp Ball have an open thread going. When I first clicked on it, there were 984 comments. Or almost as many outs as we’ve had so far.

I missed the top of the 19th inning while trying to get SopCast to work so I can see this game, but considering the University of Florida frowns on P2P programs, I neglected to finish the install. Suffice to say, Colorado was helpless against someone pitching for San Diego.

The bottom of the 19th inning sees Colorado’s Kip Wells pitching. He gets Khalil Greene to fly out to center and a pair of groundouts from Josh Bard and P. McAnulty. I’m not sure who that second guy is.

Top 20th is similarly scoreless, the mighty Glendon Rusch extinguishing a Rockies threat after Troy Tulowitzski’s two-out single.

Bottom 20th and I’m finally caught up, so I’ll be doing some stats for you.

Tonight is not a night for hitters. In 19 and a half innings, we have two runs and just 22 hits between the two teams. The only player with more than two hits is Willy Taveras, Colorado’s leadoff man, who’s 3-for-9 and has the Rockies’ only run. That RBI belongs to the 0-for-6 Brad Hawpe, who drew a bases-loaded walk in the top of the 14th.

Colorado’s team batting average: 12/64 = .1875. San Diego’s is even worse, at 10/67 = .149.

And Kip Wells has retired the Padres in order, getting Rusch, Giles, and Iguchi out. Glendon Rusch comes on for the top of the 21st.

The Padres have used seven pitchers to get to this point. Starter Jake Peavy twirled eight great innings, recording 11 Ks and scattering four hits, and reliever Will Ledezma managed the scoreless stretch from the 15th to the 19th, notching just three punchouts in his fifteen outs of work.

Matt Holliday singles to first and the Rockies have a man on and no one out. Kip Wells grounds into a fielder’s choice and now stands on first with Brad Hawpe at the plate. Hawpe strikes out and Clint Barmes is up.

Glendon Rusch came into this game toting a hefty 11.57 ERA; he’s lowered it with his second scoreless inning, forcing a Barmes grounder to take the Padres to the bottom of the 21st.

Kip Wells is still on the mound and will face the man with the Padres’ only run of the night, Kevin Kouzmanoff. He scored in the bottom of the 14th on a Josh Bard single.

Colorado’s bullpen has been equally taxed tonight, going through seven men after starter Jason Francis was lifted before the eighth inning. The run in the 14th belongs to Manny Corpas, who issued two of the four walks given by Rockies pitchers, both in that frame.

Kouzmanoff faces an 0-2 count. (GameCast is dying, by the way, so I’m here if you’re reading this.)

It’s now 4 AM EST, and we’re still locked at 1. Wells got Kouzmanoff via the K, and has 0-for-7 Tony Clark at a full count…and Clark singles to left, raising his average to the game to a stellar .125.

This brings up 0-for-4 Jim Edmonds, who was brought on in the 11th and has now played more than one full game of baseball tonight. And Edmonds gets the all-important GIDP, and we’ll be going to the top of the 22nd.

Nah, it’s not on TV here in Gainesville, but FSN Florida, conveniently showing a replay of the Twins-Rays game from earlier, shows the score in the crawl:

“COL 1 SD 1 Top 2.”

Yeah, there’s not enough room for two of them…

After getting Yorvit Torrealba and Jayson Nix out on grounder, Rusch would probably like to kill Khalil Greene; his throwing error, just the second of this game, allows Willy Taveras to reach first with two outs.

Then Josh Bard adds himself to Rusch’s hit list, throwing wild to second on a Taveras steal and allowing the speedster to take third.

Then Troy Tulowitzki DOUBLES TO THE GAP IN LEFT CENTER, bringing Taveras home and untying this game in the top of the 22nd inning.

Suddenly, there’s another man in scoring position, and veteran Todd Helton at the plate.

Helton’s 1 of 8 on the night going into the at-bat, and 1 of 9 coming out.

We go to the bottom of the 22nd inning at Petco Park, with the Colorado Rockies leading the San Diego Padres, 2-1.

Kip Wells can take the Rockies home, right? Well, Google’s not a Pads fan, returning no results for “Padres win 22nd inning.”

And Kip Wells aims to prove he’s still Kip Wells by hitting Khalil Greene with a pitch. No one out, Greene on first, Josh Bard at the dish…and he grounds into a DP, leaving the immortal P. (okay, it’s Paul) McAnulty as San Diego’s last hope.

McAnulty will work the count to 2-0. Now 2-1. Now 3-1.

And McAnulty draws the walk, bringing up pitcher Glendon Rusch. Oh, boy.

But Rusch has three homers and 19 RBI in his pro career. So there is hope, as the count reaches 2-1.

At 2-2, Kip Wells is one pitch from ending this.

AND HE DOES, freezing Rusch to end an epic. The score, at the end of 22: Colorado 2, San Diego 1.

Your winning pitcher: Kip Wells; your losing pitcher, Glendon Rusch. Time of death: 4:22 AM.

Oh, my.

A recap of numbers and such, bulleted for brevity:

  • The teams combined for 41 scoreless half-innings of play; only in the top and bottom of the 14th and the top of the 22nd were runs scored.
  • Tony Clark went 0-for-7 with four strikeouts.
  • Scott Hairston, replaced by Jim Edmonds in the 11th, struck out in all three of his at-bats.
  • There were just three extra base hits in the game, by Clint Barmes, Paul McAnulty, and then, the winning double by Tulowitzki.
  • This is probably not the end-game box score. (Okay, maybe it is, but constant post-game refreshing on that page took me to the 4th, 11th, 12th, and 19th innings.)
  • The time of game was 6 hours, 16 minutes. That’s only 67 minutes shorter than the longest NL game ever.
  • San Diego’s final batting average, 11/74 = .148, is still better than David Ortiz’ mark in 2008.
  • Between the two teams, 54 men were left on base. The Rockies left 30. There are no LOB records for extra-inning games.
  • Willy Taveras had ten at-bats, three hits, and, of course, both of the Rockies’ runs.
  • Troy Tulowitzki’s batter walk-up song this year is Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar.”

The chorus of that song runs: “If you are what you say you are/A superstar/Then have no fear/The crowds are here/And the microphones/And they want a sho-oh-oh-oh-ow, yeah.”

I’d say Tulo delivered that much.

(Update: Elsewhere on the Interwebs, people have called into question the “cool” of live-blogging the GameCast of a 19th inning game. I responded in the comments; feel free to read that there.)

(Update to the update: Apparently, that was just a typo and the guy found it pretty cool. So, thanks, Doug from ChatterBalks, for the recognition and the link.)



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3 responses to “Live Blog: The Neverending Story of the Rockies and Padres

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  2. bosoxfinsfan

    What a game. So, so typical of Padres-Rockies of late.

    Can you say, the next big baseball rivalry? With three games out of their last four being so epic, I most certainly can.

    By the way, congratulations on being named one of WordPress’s “fastest growing blogs” on the entire network. Thanks for the hard work.


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