The 2008 NBA Playoffs: Predictions, Part 1

If everyone else is doing it, picking the NBA Playoffs series by series has to be the cool thing to do, right?

Well, I’m partly doing this because of that, but also partly because Bill Simmons used one of his weekly podcasts, this one with his buddy House, to prove, more than ever, that he is a homer. (And dumb.)

 Okay, I promise to add my reasoning for my picks and why Simmons is dumb later. I promise. (Update: look for that post later this week.)

But I need to get my picks down first.

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals:

  • Celtics over Hawks in 4.
  • Pistons over 76ers in 6.
  • Magic over Raptors in 6.
  • Wizards over Cavaliers in 6.

Eastern Conference Semifinals:

  • Celtics over Wizards in 6.
  • Magic over Pistons in 6.

Eastern Conference Finals:

  • Celtics over Magic in 5.

Western Conference Semifinals:

  • Lakers over Nuggets in 5.
  • Hornets over Mavericks in 7.
  • Suns over Spurs in 6.
  • Jazz over Rockets in 6.

Western Conference Semifinals:

  • Lakers over Jazz in 7.
  • Suns over Hornets in 6.

Western Conference Finals:

  • Suns over Lakers in 7.

NBA Finals:

  • Celtics over Suns in 7.

That’s my story, as of exactly 2:00 AM on Saturday morning, and I’m sticking to it.



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