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Whither Vince Young?

With the news that Tennessee wants Kerry Collins as its 2009 starter, it’s time to ask the hard question about one of sport’s most conflicted talents.

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Poll Patrol: Week 12

It’s going to be a bi-weekly feature this season.

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The Sojourn to South Beach: Week 11

There was some turbulence in Texas this Saturday.

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Cities That Deserve Championships

Apparently, us could.

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The Anniversary

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Future Victims of the Brett Favre Effect

Pat Forde’s got a good column up on the bizarre end to Lute Olson’s coaching career, and in it, he nails one of the more important concepts of the current sports landscape:

Call it the Brett Favre Effect — the more beloved a sports figure becomes, the harder it is to leave with grace.

Using that thesis, who’s going to follow Favre’s footsteps? Continue reading

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This Is Where I’m Supposed to Care About Baseball, Right?

The MLB playoffs started today the other day.

I’m not sure I care. Continue reading


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