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On New Deadspin (And Gawker): Primer and Analysis

New! Shiny! Different!

New! Shiny! Different!

Usually, I have a lot of words for you. You go about your business, not reading them, and I pretend you did; we’re all happy. But today I have tricked you! I have pictures! You cannot not read pictures!

And these pictures? They’re of what Deadspin and the rest of Gawker Media will look like. Continue reading


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Fantasy Partners: Why Does Rick Reilly Get Barack Obama While Bill Simmons Gets Matthew Berry?

Remember when Bill Simmons was going to have Barack Obama on his podcast?

My bet is that he can’t forget. This Rick Reilly piece won’t help. Continue reading


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Will Leitch, Deadspin Editor, Chats

Really, if you’re here, you should go there. Come back later, though.

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