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Entrails: April 6th, 2009

I assume the text won't be overlaid. (Gizmodo)

I assume the text won't be overlaid. (Gizmodo)

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MLB’s plan for Web video is exhaustive, awesome. (Gizmodo)

Your college is so fat, instead of having dining halls, they have troughs! Fine. Don’t laugh. (LeMassive)

Sick of Twitter? Try (the fake) Flutter! (Search Engine Watch)

A review of soccer podcasts. (Avoiding the Drop)

Is being poor getting harder? (Freakonomics Blog)

Washington Wizards remake Nike commercial, redeem season. (Dustin Canalin)

So, wait, people think there’s a way the NBA Finals won’t be Cavs-Lakers? (TrueHoop) Continue reading


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Hasheem Thabeet Plays the April Fool of March Madness

I’m one of the 153 followers of Hasheem Thabeet’s protected Twitter account. His teammate, John Lindner, assured me it was real after I expressed doubts about his original announcement of his teammates’ Twitters.

As such, I’m one of the 153 people who got this tweet (it will be protected) late last night. And, probably, one of the most puzzled. (NSFW language ahead.) Continue reading


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Entrails: March 30th, 2009

He's back. (AP)

He's back. (AP)

I’m starting something new. This is a daily collection of links, not all sports-related, devoted to the best, most interesting, or most important stuff I want to share.

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Devil Ball Golf asks, “Can there be any doubters now?” Sure: Can Tiger go down the stretch on Sunday when his competition isn’t Sean O’Hair and isn’t coughing up a five-stroke advantage? Also, Stevie’s got calves. (Devil Ball Golf)

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow, conversing on Sunday. Tebow is never not enthusiastic. (Alligator Army)

Is pickup roundball dead? I hope not. (Moderately Cerebral Bias)

Donte Stallworth continues a sad trend for Tennessee Vols after college. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Mike Leach is inventive, even in academics. Sort of. (Dr. Saturday)

Check out The Red Carders. If ever you needed to know about Irish soccer merch, here’s the place. (The Red Carders)

The No-Look Pass talks to former NBAer Tracy Murray.

How to share great blog posts. (Mashable)

Interesting, inspiring: Jim Webb and prison reform. (Salon) Continue reading

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Live Blog: Some Gators Play Lions, Some Gators Play Lambs

Tonight, the UF women’s basketball team faces a team some are calling the best to ever play women’s college basketball. And, what’s more, the Gators have to play the UConn Huskies in Storrs, Connecticut. Can they avoid being more than lambs led to slaughter?

After that game, their Y-chromosomed counterparts will take the floor in Gainesville and play Penn State for the right to advance to their fourth straight Final Four. (What? Even though it’s the NIT, it’s still a Final Four, right?) Will the Gators continue their hot postseason shooting, or will Stanley Pringle and the Nittany Lions spurt past them?

I have no idea. But I’ll be live blogging as I find out. Join me, won’t you?


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