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Riled Up About Selling Books

I own two of the books pictured. No-Prize to you if you can guess which.

I don’t know whether to be more depressed that Rick Reilly has at least ten copies of his own book on his library bookshelves or impressed that he has eBay Business for Dummies, presumably to help him get rid of those books.

Also, Rick, putting your “curvaceous blonde” wife in an ESPN video as the woman at the party you cannot get just serves to enhance your late-life rep as a charm-impaired guy getting by on name recognition.

(Oh, and the new book turned to face the camera? Lame.)

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Entrails: April 8th, 2009

I love Renee's smile. (AP)

I love Renee's smile. (AP)

You know where to send tips.

But what if the UConn women were better? (The Quad)

A fantastic picture taunting Duke. (Golden’s Nuggets)

A Twitter mixtape exists. God help us. (2dopeboyz)

Bar Refaeli: Less alluring than Augusta National. (Sports Biz)

Maybe it’s because of the prices. (Devil Ball Golf)

Reilly on the D’Backs’ great generosity. Very cool. (ESPN)

More than you ever needed to know about Jeff Giles. (The CIS Blog)

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Live Blog: The Inevitable Happens

Well, that happened. So this must.

Left-click to open; it’s the ESPN Podcenter link. Live blog is a pop-up.

I basically ended up transcribing it. I’ve extracted some excerpts here.

Read on for Simmons and Reilly on Kobe, Simmons and Reilly on golf (Reilly’s not going to the Masters), Simmons and Reilly on blogs (Reilly says, “holding down couch springs in his mother’s basement”; Simmons refers to 9/11), Simmons and Reilly on beat writers, Simmons and Reilly on ESPN, and much, much more. Continue reading


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Fantasy Partners: Why Does Rick Reilly Get Barack Obama While Bill Simmons Gets Matthew Berry?

Remember when Bill Simmons was going to have Barack Obama on his podcast?

My bet is that he can’t forget. This Rick Reilly piece won’t help. Continue reading


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