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Word of the Day: Tigerbole

While I was writing about and live-blogging the U.S. Open this weekend, I wrote the word “Tigerbole” twice to describe the media hyperventilation over the greatest golfer of this generation, maybe ever.

Now, while I patted myself on the back for that little neologism, I knew that somewhere, someone had to use that word before me, right? Continue reading

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The Live Blog, Cubed

So Jason Sobel live blogs golf for ESPN, and Cousins of Ron Mexico live blogs Sobel’s blogs for The Big Lead.

I figured it was just meta enough for me to live blog the live blog of the live blog. (But I’m watching it, too, so you’re getting a little bit of that.) Continue reading


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Why I Will Root For Tiger Today

Tiger Woods turned in some of the most spectacular golf you will ever see on the back nine at Torrey Pines on Saturday, rolling in two long, snaking eagle putts and pitching in a miracle chip for birdie from a ridiculous lie on the 17th.

But there are more powerful reasons why I’ll root for Tiger today.

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