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ESPN and Social Media: What ESPN Should Do—And What It Will

The steps.

The steps.

I’ve been hammering the Worldwide Leader’s new social media policy this week for all and sundry reasons, highlighting some shrugging reactions from ESPN personnel on Twitter, noting a very funny parody, and charging the network with some dodgy disclosure.

Today, I can tell you and ESPN what the network should do in the future with Twitter and other forms of social media. And I’ll show you some of what they already have. Continue reading

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ESPN’s Social Media Policy: The Disingenuous Tweet and Hiding the Ball (Update)

Update: Response from ESPN’s Nate Smeltz at bottom.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Continue reading


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ESPN’s Twitter Policy: A Response to the Last Night of the Olney Dynasty?

Try to follow him!

Try to follow him!

The chronology:

  1. ESPN’s new Twitter policy makes waves.
  2. I learn that Buster Olney was on Twitter and try to find him.
  3. I do, right here.
  4. I learn that his account is suspended.

All in an hour’s time. Then I dig deeper. Continue reading

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