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An Interview With the Parents of Tebow Sanford Crumley

You remember how there was this story last week about Auburn fans in Chattanooga, Tennessee naming their son Tebow after that Heisman-winning University of Florida quarterback?

Well, you may know it from big blogs, but I know it as a tip I shot to Deadspin last Thursday.

And while the story was blowing up on Friday, I was in the process of sending emails back and forth to Tebow’s parents, Alli and Damon Crumley, hoping they would be awake and willing to do some sort of interview.

They generously consented to an email interview. Jump with me for that. Continue reading


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The Hangover Cure: Week 7

It’s extra-potent and time-aged. Continue reading


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The First Annual Bowl Preview, Part II

No long previews here, yet; I’ve been busy. If the mood strikes, they may yet get written.  

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Minutes Well Spent

I was browsing the Interwebs late last night, and I found a job posting I had been eyeing for some time.

So I applied. It wasn’t hard. Continue reading

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Tim Tebow: What Kind of Pro?

Tremendous Upside Potential covers this in a post today, but, besides the poorly spelled headline, I think there are some other things wrong with TUP’s logic.

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Our Fine Little Mess

It seems likely that in moments, the talking heads on the BCS Selection Special will confirm that Ohio State and LSU will meet for the BCS National Championship Game or some similar amalgamation of capital letters in January. The Tigers have surmounted several teams to reach #2 in the USA Today poll, which is factored into the formula, and the Associated Press poll, which is not; Ohio State profited off losses by Missouri and West Virginia to reclaim a #1 position it held for much of the year.

The question, obviously, is not whether it will happen, but whether it should.

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Is The Heisman For Frontrunners?

“And Heisman Trophy winners are champions,” writes Dave Curtis, keeper of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Swamp Things” blog, wrapping up his post, entitled “The Case Against Tim Tebow.”

May I direct you to Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Ron Dayne, Ricky Williams, Eddie George and Rashaan Salaam? Dating back to 1994, only three Heisman winners have won national championships the year of their Heisman. (Bush, of course, won beforehand, as did Weinke, and presumably White as an underclassman understudy; perhaps Smith, too, but I don’t care.)

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Weekend Outlook: Too Soon For Mizzou?

While the college football season has its lightest week, there’s no shortage of things at stake with Missouri and Oklahoma’s tilt both deciding the Big 12 and its aftermath shaking the BCS Etch-a-Sketch for the last time.

The NFL has a showdown to hyperventilate over with the Indianapolis Colts hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the slate is largely devoid of good matchups and populated largely by battles for table scraps, including the abysmal Miami Dolphins, currently favored despite their lack of a win on the season, welcoming the equally horrid New York Jets to South Florida.

More to come…

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