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ESPN Headline Intern Pays Michael Jackson Tribute, Thrills A-Rod

I’m really not sure I should be awake right now. But I did get to see this:

Look there, at the bottom.

Look there, at the bottom.

The article, probably this one, speculates about A-Rod’s future, and doesn’t mention Michael Jackson (rest in peace) at all. But that’s not the point, here, is it? Kudos to the person who threw that reference in there, and gave one media fixture a little respite from scrutiny in another’s titanic shadow.

I saw it, Alex. You are not alone. (Ugh.)

I really should be asleep.


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The Wall’s Removed, And Now I See

Thank you, Alex Rodriguez. You have reaffirmed everything I believe is wrong with American professional sports: that money trumps everything; that loyalty to a team means nothing; that agents run far more than the public could ever know.

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