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This BBC World Cup Ad Does the Rainbow Nation Proud

I don’t know if you know this, but this blog is basically all about World Cup ads now. This one’s awesome; South Africa really does pride itself on that “Rainbow Nation” ideal, and this pounds that home with some stirring, goosebumpy color-blocking. Less than a month now.

Thanks to SB Nation.


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Some Beautiful Days

“I’ve seen stadiums erupt with the joy of a nation, and men break down trying to bring that joy forth. I’ve seen deeds that defy all common sense … logic … and physics. I’ve seen the magic inspired by a home crowd. Now, Africa hosts its first World Cup. Italy will defend, while 31 nations attack.”

Martin Tyler narrating a checkers game would be great. I’m very happy he’ll be part of ESPN’s coverage from South Africa.

Try to watch that promo without getting chills. I can’t.

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