Amar’e Stoudemire Destroys Anthony Tolliver



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“If You Can’t Guard a Ball Screen…”

…you apparently can’t beat Florida. I’m not trying to give Nike any pub by posting this, but it amuses me Florida’s “Team Toughness Report” ends up being about the single thing an opposing team must do to beat the Gators.

There may be an article about this season in Gators hoops later this week. Mostly, I’m just glad Dan Werner has seen the last of the O’Connell Center, and vice versa, and happy to see a shooting guard who can actually shoot a little bit.

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Some Beautiful Days

“I’ve seen stadiums erupt with the joy of a nation, and men break down trying to bring that joy forth. I’ve seen deeds that defy all common sense … logic … and physics. I’ve seen the magic inspired by a home crowd. Now, Africa hosts its first World Cup. Italy will defend, while 31 nations attack.”

Martin Tyler narrating a checkers game would be great. I’m very happy he’ll be part of ESPN’s coverage from South Africa.

Try to watch that promo without getting chills. I can’t.

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Richard Justice Regrets Eating Chris Berman’s Donuts

Were they Nutrisystem donuts?

Houston Chronicle columnist Richard Justice probably wasn’t going to show up on PTI anytime soon. But I want to know whether revealing that Chris Berman brought a dozen donuts with him to Spring Training Baseball Tonight shows (note the schedule) runs afoul of Bristol’s sacred cow or just counts as him praising Berman for toting in a dozen Krispy Kremes, so you may consider this me asking for Justice to be suspended from PTI.

You may also consider that I may have just wanted to call Berman a sacred cow.

Update: Justice appeared on PTI on March 5th.

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I Guess Bill Simmons Can Talk About Bud Selig

But the Red Sox have been better under Selig than they ever were. No one denies this.

So Bill Simmons can tweet all that, but Peter Pascarelli gets suspended and loses his podcast for griping about Bud Selig, and Scott Van Pelt gets suspended for talking about Selig’s “pimp cup.”

Simmons also mentioned Selig in an ESPN chat after the initial posting of this article.

We need a statue for joke recycling.

It’s almost like one of these things is not like the others.


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This Was Obligatory

Never say I didn’t do anything for you, Tennessee fans.

Context here and here (NSFW lyrics); pic via SI/Getty.

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How USC’s 2006 Class Epitomizes the Silliness of Recruiting Rankings

From this Rivals article on today’s storylines:

…but the biggest question about Florida’s class is about whether Urban Meyer and company can surpass the record-setting 2006 class signed by Pete Carroll at USC.

Record-setting seems like an odd word for that class. Let’s examine what actually happened in the true reality of real life that is not Rivals’ massive virtual snake oil distillery!
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