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Thank You, Rich Eisen (Updated)

I have no words.

I have no words.

See it for yourself. And see the reaction. You really can’t delete tweets, Rich.

This is going to sting. Unless, of course, it’s a hack.

Update: Of course, it’s a hack.

Good for you, Rich.

Good for you, Rich.

Still, that’s a rather unfortunate way to get hacked, and probably a strange 4 AM call or text to get.

After the jump, reactions and reasoning.

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ESPN Headline Intern Pays Michael Jackson Tribute, Thrills A-Rod

I’m really not sure I should be awake right now. But I did get to see this:

Look there, at the bottom.

Look there, at the bottom.

The article, probably this one, speculates about A-Rod’s future, and doesn’t mention Michael Jackson (rest in peace) at all. But that’s not the point, here, is it? Kudos to the person who threw that reference in there, and gave one media fixture a little respite from scrutiny in another’s titanic shadow.

I saw it, Alex. You are not alone. (Ugh.)

I really should be asleep.


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Bill Simmons: Tweet and Delete

Was it good for you, Bill?

Was it good for you, Bill?

Sports bloggers have been waiting for the white whale of the Internet sportswriting community to join Twitter while it’s still white-hot.

That day has come: Bill Simmons is now on Twitter. But how did he get there? And did the Sports Guy say a little too much in losing his Twitter virginity? Continue reading


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Sometimes, Tim Tebow is Wrong

It’s not Tim Tebow that’s wrong, per se. (Of course.) But on the April 21st episode of JEOPARDY!, contestant Alex Hooper drew a blank in Final Jeopardy. Continue reading


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Hasheem Thabeet Plays the April Fool of March Madness

I’m one of the 153 followers of Hasheem Thabeet’s protected Twitter account. His teammate, John Lindner, assured me it was real after I expressed doubts about his original announcement of his teammates’ Twitters.

As such, I’m one of the 153 people who got this tweet (it will be protected) late last night. And, probably, one of the most puzzled. (NSFW language ahead.) Continue reading


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Sports Stars, Mainstream Media Members, and Blogging Brethren: Sweet Tweets

I was inspired to do this by recent articles.

Deadspin had two posts on Sunday from Twitter. That plane in the Hudson was a watershed moment for TwitPic. And Barack Obama’s inauguration yesterday overloaded Twitter in general.

Clearly, as a microblogging/thought-casting app, Twitter’s at a critical mass. Continue reading

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Recruits Don’t Make Passes at Statues Without Glasses

The famously bespectacled Joe Paterno may be seeing his last days on the horizon. Surely, more than one of his team’s less inspired performances has been described as the blind leading the blind.

And if you groaned at those, just wait until today’s surfeit of witty opthamological observations.

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