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The NCAA Division I-A Playoff

The BCS isn’t broken, and never has been. It is a system designed to bring two teams that distinguished themselves for a season to play in a spectacle of a game and theoretically crown a champion of college football; it does this.

What it doesn’t do is produce a true champion. And that’s why this post is here.

I’ve had long and interesting discussions with a few other college football fiends, and there’s no question about it: we’re all in favor of a playoff system in Division I-A (no, not Football Bowl Subdivision here) college football.

The problem is the plan.

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Chris Paul, Chief Fleur-De-Bee

Tuesday night, third-year New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul scored 19 and had 21 dimes against 2 turnovers in the Fleur-De-Bees’ victory over a Los Angeles Lakers team that seems headed for their typical bipolar season.

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Hello New World

This is mine and yours, just a thing I’ve wanted to do for a while to figure out how well I can do it and a thing I wanted to share with all of you. It’s about the sporting universe and the idiosyncratic orbits of the lesser heavenly bodies within it, the lunacies and the legends. It’s nothing if not honest, no less than the best I can do, and no more than the opinions of one person.

I’m Rockabye. Nice to meet you.

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