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Tim Tebow: What Kind of Pro?

Tremendous Upside Potential covers this in a post today, but, besides the poorly spelled headline, I think there are some other things wrong with TUP’s logic.

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Who Wants to Coach Arkansas?

Yeah, it’s been a bit of a depressing time for you if you’re an Arkansas fan. Sure, you managed to run off the guy (Houston Nutt) who you say ran off your Golden Boy Quarterback (Mitch Mustain), but now, what’s left for you?

Tommy Tuberville’s staying at Auburn. Tommy Bowden signed a new deal with Clemson. Jim Grobe is still in Winston-Salem. And Les Miles isn’t even crazy enough to be considered for what may be the most withering head coaching position in college football.

There are a host of negatives for whatever name looks at the Arkansas job.

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25 Years of Repressed Memories?

I have, two inches to the left of my computer, a copy of the USA Today Sports section from Friday, November 30th, 2007. Not altogether unusual for the McPaper, they’ve put together an interesting and roundly numbered list to blaze across the front of their splashy section: “25 years of college’s most memorable games.”

Regardless of the fact that thousands would no doubt put Super Mario Kart, beer pong (uh, Beirut?) and Let’s See How Quickly I Can Write Fifteen Pages On Tolstoy As The Model For “Melrose Place” Characters, an underrated favorite at the University of Chicago, I’m told, USA Today chose to interpret their ambiguous title as a reason to write about college football.

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Is The Heisman For Frontrunners?

“And Heisman Trophy winners are champions,” writes Dave Curtis, keeper of the Orlando Sentinel’s “Swamp Things” blog, wrapping up his post, entitled “The Case Against Tim Tebow.”

May I direct you to Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Jason White, Carson Palmer, Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Ron Dayne, Ricky Williams, Eddie George and Rashaan Salaam? Dating back to 1994, only three Heisman winners have won national championships the year of their Heisman. (Bush, of course, won beforehand, as did Weinke, and presumably White as an underclassman understudy; perhaps Smith, too, but I don’t care.)

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