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Can’t None of Y’all Mirror Me Back

Nike, regardless of your perception of them as a company, has phenomenal advertising. (In fairness, much of this is thanks to their close association with Wieden+Kennedy.)

But which spot is tops? Continue reading


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The Ten Most Famous Figures in Sports, Part 1

From Bill Simmons’ always entertaining NBA Trade Value column, a nugget of a great idea emerges. Continue reading

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Whither Vince Young?

With the news that Tennessee wants Kerry Collins as its 2009 starter, it’s time to ask the hard question about one of sport’s most conflicted talents.

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Fantasy Partners: Why Does Rick Reilly Get Barack Obama While Bill Simmons Gets Matthew Berry?

Remember when Bill Simmons was going to have Barack Obama on his podcast?

My bet is that he can’t forget. This Rick Reilly piece won’t help. Continue reading


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That Was Awesome. Now What?

Congratulations, sports fan. You’ve now lived through one of the more exciting sports weeks in recent memory.

Now figure out something else to do for two months. Continue reading


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The Greatest Day In Sports…Ever?

Sunday was indisputably a day full of drama, mostly thanks to some guy I was cheering for finding another way to make golf riveting theater.

But was it one of the best days in sports history? Let’s examine. Continue reading

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Cycling, Cycling, Wherefore Art Thou, Cycling?

The short answer to that question is California.

The longer answer, though, is sad.

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Tim Tebow: What Kind of Pro?

Tremendous Upside Potential covers this in a post today, but, besides the poorly spelled headline, I think there are some other things wrong with TUP’s logic.

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