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Sports Stars, Mainstream Media Members, and Blogging Brethren: Sweet Tweets

I was inspired to do this by recent articles.

Deadspin had two posts on Sunday from Twitter. That plane in the Hudson was a watershed moment for TwitPic. And Barack Obama’s inauguration yesterday overloaded Twitter in general.

Clearly, as a microblogging/thought-casting app, Twitter’s at a critical mass. Continue reading


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Fantasy Partners: Why Does Rick Reilly Get Barack Obama While Bill Simmons Gets Matthew Berry?

Remember when Bill Simmons was going to have Barack Obama on his podcast?

My bet is that he can’t forget. This Rick Reilly piece won’t help. Continue reading


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Live Blog: Rick Reilly Co-Hosting PTI

Yeah, I believe Awful Announcing on this one.

And I’ll be live-blogging after the jump. Continue reading

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I Didn’t See Erin Andrews. But I Have Video/Audio!

Okay, so studying won out over seeing the lovely Ms. Andrews last night. (I did do well on that test, though.) Continue reading

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I’ll Be Seeing Erin Andrews Soon. Any Questions?

One of the privileges of being a student in the University of Florida’s College of Journalism is that I get literally every piece of communication even vaguely related to journalism involving the school. Continue reading

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Will Leitch, Deadspin Editor, Chats

Really, if you’re here, you should go there. Come back later, though.

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