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Glorious Quotes: Urban Meyer Edition

From this article in Sunday’s Gainesville Sun (italics mine):

The evening began at 6:30 with a pep talk from Gator coach Urban Meyer.

In addition to introducing his staff and pumping up his program, Meyer also told the prospects that no walking, yawning or slacking of any kind would be tolerated.

“If a team comes in here without energy and togetherness, we’ll beat them by three touchdowns,” Meyer told the assembled players.

Well, then, what was Tennessee coming in with last year? Apathy and anarchy?

And Florida State, last year and in 2005? (Actually, those answers are Bobby Bowden’s players and Jeff Bowden’s playbook, respectively.)

It may just be an innocuous quote; consider, though, that Meyer had to know reporters were there and scribbling, and that the event is as much about seeing players as it is getting seen in the media.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, it’s a great subliminal by a guy who’s mastered the arrogance of being the Head Gator without being quite as obnoxious as the Ol’ Ball Coach.

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