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ESPN’s Social Media Policy: The Disingenuous Tweet and Hiding the Ball (Update)

Update: Response from ESPN’s Nate Smeltz at bottom.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Continue reading



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ESPN’s Twitter Policy: Now With Real Fake ESPN!

"Kneel before" is an underrated phrase, really.

"Kneel before" is an underrated phrase, really.

That PhotoShop with the platter is choice.

And the timer to Simmons making a “bow and kiss the ring” joke has begun.

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ESPN’s Twitter Policy: Twittered Reactions From ESPNers

I loved Extraordinary Machines.

I loved Extraordinary Machine.

Kenny Mayne leads us off because he is funniest. Continue reading


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ESPN’s Twitter Policy: A Response to the Last Night of the Olney Dynasty?

Try to follow him!

Try to follow him!

The chronology:

  1. ESPN’s new Twitter policy makes waves.
  2. I learn that Buster Olney was on Twitter and try to find him.
  3. I do, right here.
  4. I learn that his account is suspended.

All in an hour’s time. Then I dig deeper. Continue reading

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ESPN Head: We Will Not Push Playoff

So I’m fiddling around on the ‘Net and I find this Orlando Sentinel article naming George Bodenheimer, ESPN’s president, the most powerful name in college sports. It’s a good write-up, but the newsworthy piece is this quote:

Bodenheimer said one thing ESPN won’t do is act as a catalyst for a playoff system in college football.

“Obviously, the decision on a college football playoff rests with the universities and specifically the presidents,” he said. “Obviously, we’re here to televise whatever format the presidents decide is the best one for their college system to play in, and that’s the role we’ll serve.”

It’s just a quote, obviously, and it’s cagey. Certainly, this doesn’t dismiss the possibility that ESPN favors either a playoff or the BCS, and it wouldn’t prevent the company from lending their heft to a couple of dedicated presidents as long as they weren’t seen as the driving force.

But that clearly isn’t a ringing endorsement for changing the system.

In other BCS news, Clay Travis on its legal standing is essential reading.

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ESPN Headline Intern Pays Michael Jackson Tribute, Thrills A-Rod

I’m really not sure I should be awake right now. But I did get to see this:

Look there, at the bottom.

Look there, at the bottom.

The article, probably this one, speculates about A-Rod’s future, and doesn’t mention Michael Jackson (rest in peace) at all. But that’s not the point, here, is it? Kudos to the person who threw that reference in there, and gave one media fixture a little respite from scrutiny in another’s titanic shadow.

I saw it, Alex. You are not alone. (Ugh.)

I really should be asleep.


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ESPN, Scott Van Pelt, and the Advertising/Editorial Barrier

First, you must watch this video, for it is hilarious. (HT to NESW Sports for having it early this morning.)

It’s a wonderful bit of personality and a great ad for EA Sports’ upcoming Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10. It’s where it is located that brings up something a little more troubling. Continue reading


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