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Smiling Through the Storm

It’s easy to write about chaos and schadenfreude from afar.

At your doorstep, it feels different. Continue reading



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Let’s All Just Shut Up, Okay?

We’re playing a game that no one wins.

And there’s nothing to lose if we stop playing. Continue reading


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The Unbeatable Lightness of Being a Green Bay Packers Fan Post-Favre

There was something different about Lambeau Field Monday night, something different in the feel of it, the energy.

The Packers have, forever, been a tribe, a collective, something for people who love the quirkiness of people who put foam Swiss wedges on their heads and wait years and years to freeze in one of the least important American cities with a professional sports franchise.

But, without Brett Favre, it all feels less important. Continue reading


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The Saturday Speculator: Week 2

Here’s where I’m going to throw out my predictions for the Top 25 games for the week and other mostly totally erroneous opinions about the upcoming Saturday’s slate of action.

I have last week’s picks, the ones I would’ve made, tucked down there, too, so you can consider this the kickoff of The Saturday Speculator. Continue reading

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Jericho Scott, Harrison Bergeron, The Incredibles, and Me

We, as Americans, like to believe we’re in a meritocratic society, one where gumption, skill, and diligence can compensate for all but the most grievous errors of caprice and circumstance.

And, as such, this is troubling. Continue reading

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Live Blog: That Obama/McCain Football Preview Section

I’ve seen people do live blogs of magazines, and I know this happens to be a big deal, plus I’m revving up for the U.S.-Argentina game and an Orlando Sentinel subscriber, so I thought I’d do this. Continue reading

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The Games of the 29th Olympiad: Jason Lezak and the Power of the Moment

Here’s the full race, via NBC. (Quick, painless download required.) Here’s the version Deadspin has, which shows, at the end of the video, the end of the race and the beginning of the medal ceremony, and isn’t likely to be taken down.

But even the grainy YouTube version is powerful.

And for good reason. (Watch, then jump, ’cause it could go down at any second.) Continue reading

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