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I Guess Bill Simmons Can Talk About Bud Selig

But the Red Sox have been better under Selig than they ever were. No one denies this.

So Bill Simmons can tweet all that, but Peter Pascarelli gets suspended and loses his podcast for griping about Bud Selig, and Scott Van Pelt gets suspended for talking about Selig’s “pimp cup.”

Simmons also mentioned Selig in an ESPN chat after the initial posting of this article.

We need a statue for joke recycling.

It’s almost like one of these things is not like the others.


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Bill Simmons Alleges “I Don’t Read Sports Blogs”; Murky Syntax Saves Zoe Simmons’ Life

You pick the "your" tweet, Simmons?

I really don’t care about the “Simmons steals!” “controversy” (Basketball Prospectus’ John Gasaway nailed the only essential point to be made), but I do care about Simmons professing some aversion to sports blogs.

Why? Because he’s lying. (Probably. Maybe.) Continue reading


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Meanwhile, In Bill Simmons’ Corner of ESPN…

Simmons, in mirth.

Simmons, in mirth.

While a certain blog is waging war against ESPN’s PR department, the Worldwide Leader’s online franchise is giving interviews about The Book of Basketball, and other things.

And — surprise! — Bill Simmons is hinting at leaving ESPN again. Continue reading


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Bill Simmons Talks to Erin Andrews, Fun Ensues

The guy on the right? You care about him?

The guy on the right? You care about him?

Perhaps it’s because it dropped at an odd time (my feed says 8:31 PM), or because it preceded a pivotal (and eventually excellent) NBA Finals tilt, or because it’s happened before, but Bill Simmons and Erin Andrews talked to each other on a podcast (right-click to save) and I didn’t even to turn it up to drown out the echo of a thousand bloggers rushing to transcribe every word.

Oh, wait. That’s my gig.

Some choice excerpts from this one:

Andrews: “Is your phone ringing while I’m doing this? That is so rude.”
Simmons: “That’s a party foul, I’m sorry.”
Andrews: “Wow.”
Simmons: “I forgot to unplug it.”

Simmons: “I like that you have the father-daughter thing. My daughter’s only four, but I would like to think that maybe she would like sports. I’m not going to force it on her, but if she does, I think that would be cool.”
Andrews: “It wasn’t forced on me. I just wanted to be around him. It just became cool, and a way to spend time with him.”
Simmons: “Yeah, but here’s the crucial thing, though: You thought your dad was cool.

Simmons: “Is there somebody you like?”
Andrews: “Um…I just don’t give up that information, because it’s the only thing I can control.”
Simmons: “It’s a good idea. I highly recommend that strategy.”
Andrews: “Bloggers would just kill that, and I just don’t want to let them. They’re gonna kill it regardless. They kill imaginary relationships that I have, I guess.”

And there’s more, on Twitter, on Dancing With the Stars, on Simmons not being able to quit Manny, and plenty more. Hit the jump for what amounts to a transcription. Continue reading


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Bill Simmons: Tweet and Delete

Was it good for you, Bill?

Was it good for you, Bill?

Sports bloggers have been waiting for the white whale of the Internet sportswriting community to join Twitter while it’s still white-hot.

That day has come: Bill Simmons is now on Twitter. But how did he get there? And did the Sports Guy say a little too much in losing his Twitter virginity? Continue reading


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Live Blog: The Inevitable Happens

Well, that happened. So this must.

Left-click to open; it’s the ESPN Podcenter link. Live blog is a pop-up.

I basically ended up transcribing it. I’ve extracted some excerpts here.

Read on for Simmons and Reilly on Kobe, Simmons and Reilly on golf (Reilly’s not going to the Masters), Simmons and Reilly on blogs (Reilly says, “holding down couch springs in his mother’s basement”; Simmons refers to 9/11), Simmons and Reilly on beat writers, Simmons and Reilly on ESPN, and much, much more. Continue reading


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Bill Simmons Has a Potty Mouth

When Bill Simmons does his ESPN podcasts, they’re preceded by the infamous disclaimer, “The BS Report is a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects.” That never presages anything more risque than the occasionally off-color or bleeped remark.

When Simmons goes on Adam Carolla’s podcast, he earns that warning and then some. (NSFW language ahead.) Continue reading


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