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Lionel Messi, El Experto

I saw this a few times in Peru, and it apparently never went viral in the States, which is a shame. That turn to the camera slays me every single time.

If someone much better at it than me could make a GIF of 0:50 to 0:57, that person can get my undying affection.

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This BBC World Cup Ad Does the Rainbow Nation Proud

I don’t know if you know this, but this blog is basically all about World Cup ads now. This one’s awesome; South Africa really does pride itself on that “Rainbow Nation” ideal, and this pounds that home with some stirring, goosebumpy color-blocking. Less than a month now.

Thanks to SB Nation.

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ESPN, Scott Van Pelt, and the Advertising/Editorial Barrier

First, you must watch this video, for it is hilarious. (HT to NESW Sports for having it early this morning.)

It’s a wonderful bit of personality and a great ad for EA Sports’ upcoming Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10. It’s where it is located that brings up something a little more troubling. Continue reading


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Can’t None of Y’all Mirror Me Back

Nike, regardless of your perception of them as a company, has phenomenal advertising. (In fairness, much of this is thanks to their close association with Wieden+Kennedy.)

But which spot is tops? Continue reading


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