Anyone Want the Tebow Turtle?

You will never see a reptile exist this, uh...

You will never see a reptile exist this, uh...

Given the suffocating hysteria over that messianic guy who wears 15 for the Florida Gators, you would be forgiven for forgetting the one absurd bit of it that was the Tebow Turtle.

No worries: Now you can buy it!

From the Independent Florida Alligator:

The statue is one of 24 turtles placed around Jacksonville as part of Turtle Trails, a fundraiser for Jacksonville organization Child Guidance Center that provides mental health services to children and families. In March 2008, individuals and companies could sponsor a turtle for $5,000. The cost paid for production and artist fees, she said. This October, Turtle Trails will auction off the turtle statues and all proceeds will go to the Child Guidance Center. Several turtles did not receive sponsorships, Tebow Turtle among them.

How do I know the economy’s tanking? Gator grads aren’t sponsoring reptilian statues of Tim Tebow.

The artist’s story is even better:

Justin Rose, and artist from Macclenny, Fla., was approached to design the turtle, and he accepted without hesitation, he said. “I admire Tebow because of the kind of person that he is and the values that he has,” Rose said. To prepare for the project, Rose said that he read several versions of Tebow’s biography and referenced pictures of the quarterback’s cleats, alligator tails and turtle faces. He worked for 14 hours a day for the first eight days and finished after about a month. He estimated the project took about 200 hours. “When it was gone, it was almost like trying to drop an addiction,” he said.

A few notes:

  • Do you think the biographies included the New Testament and Tim Tebow Facts?
  • It’s a turtle-gator, not a turtle. Yeah, sure.
  • He worked on this project for longer than it’s going to take Tebow to rise from the earth. That’s passion.
  • Isn’t one of the twelve steps was turning to faith, not away from it?

In any case, the Tebow Turtle’s being auctioned off to support this group, which I can link to because I’m not a newspaper, and I hope it fetches the product of Bobby Bowden’s win total and the margin of victory in the Florida-Tennessee game, because I believe that would be several trillion dollars. (And if that math is wrong: I’m an English major.)

But, really, isn’t that work of art priceless?


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