Entrails: June 26th, 2009

The shadows do not make it cooler.

The shadows do not make it cooler.

Well, this feels weird. I’m bringing back Entrails as a weekly post of links per reader request. (Yes, I’m as stunned as you are that I have readers, much less requests.) But today, while The Rookies cope with a server meltdown, the SpinDead crew is graciously bringing the gathering over to my place.

And I promise a more organized series of links next time.

NCAA Football 10 stadium screens are incredible. (Facebook)

Unprofessional Foul does the Showdown in Chinatown justice. Impressive. (Unprofessional Foul)

How to pick a winner, U.S.-Spain-style. (Goal)

Burger King sucks. (The Moderate Voice)

Well, that’s just wrong. (Just Click It)

Ufford rips apart one of the dumbest names I’ve ever heard. (Warming Glow)

Falling in the NBA Draft: Maybe not bad. (TrueHoop)

Tyson Gay is absurdly fast. (Universal Sports)

On soccer versus football. (Dan Levy)

Stanford: Generic. (FanHouse)

Rebirth: Never coming out, but still drops before Detox. (RapRadar)

Who leads the Twitter board? (Sporcle)

Win Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10. (The Sports Game Guy.)

That’s stupid. (Stupid Sports Blog)

Sportswriters and santicmony: A bravura performance. (Style Points)

Whitlock is very right about many things. Also, he “walks with strippers.” (Whitlock)

Nice little Q&A on the NHL Draft at the Pub. (The Phoenix Pub)

My one plug for myself: If you read just one post other than this one while here, make it my anniversary post. It’s long, and it’s link-heavy, and it’s not exactly light fare, but it explains a lot of why I do what I do with sports. If nothing else, you might understand me a little better after reading it.

On future Entrails: Email me. I’ll do what I can.

And I leave you with a singular moment of genius.

Leave opinions in the comments. I’ll be out for much of the night, but I’m more than happy you came. Thanks for reading.



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296 responses to “Entrails: June 26th, 2009

  1. I promise Miranda Kerr when I get back. I promise.

  2. strmking

    where is everyone at the MJ vigil?

  3. marissaexplainsitall

    @AA-I actually love doing laundry, but I also have a lot of clothes, so it becomes an issue.
    And, after US-Brazil game, what will I do w/ myself?!

  4. Afino

    Almost NHL Draft time!

    Apparently the Isles are taking NEITHER Tavares or Hedman.

    Contract that team already….they’re useless.

  5. Afino

    Fuck me – Pronger’s a Flyer?

  6. Sculptor?!?

    Keep me informed on the draft, eh? I’m watching a TNG rerun.

  7. Afino

    Way too much French for me already.

  8. Afino


  9. Whats up boys and girls, I got up early to go surfing this morning, which means I am tired as balls right now and trying to fight off a nap. A battle which I am steadily losing.

  10. HernandezStache

    I tried to watch the NHL draft and they’ve already lost me. Tavares had to hug all of Ontario before coming to the stage.

    Evening all

  11. Sculptor?!?

    Massive T-storms here. If I disappear, it’s because I’ve lost power (and therefore the router has died).

  12. Afino

    Hooray! Draft going as planned and hoped!

  13. Quake n Shake

    This sort of thing never happens in Springfield:

    • If they really wanted to do damage they’d use Ruffles, because, you know, they’re ruffled.

      • Quake n Shake

        From the Simpsons Archive:
        Buzz warns him, “Homer, no!” But it’s too late: Homer opens the bag
        The chips float about the cabin, and Race rues, “They’ll
        clog the instruments!” Buzz is worried: “Careful! They’re ruffled.”

    • Sculptor?!?

      Well, no. If it’s Springfield, MA, it’s likely to be Twinkies. If it’s Springfield, IL, I’m guessing potato chips.

  14. Afino

    The MILF quotient just went up.

  15. can’t wait to see holland congratulate the pens on their win

  16. Afino

    So, you think with a black hockey player in Atlanta, now they’ll sell a few tickets?

  17. Sculptor?!?

    Ya know, ever since that damn movie “Poltergeist”, I’ve hated thunderstorms.

  18. Afino

    Well, Brian Burke’s pissed. That makes my night.

  19. HernandezStache

    Climate Change bill just passed, 219-212. I gotta sell my car. Fuck.

    • Sculptor?!?

      Care to elaborate? I’m not familiar with this…

      • HernandezStache

        The House passed a 1300 page Climate Change bill (which includes “cap-and-trade”).

        The goal is to lower emissions in the US. “Under a cap-and-trade system, government sets a cap on the total amount of carbon that can be emitted nationally; companies then buy or sell permits to emit CO2. The cap gets cranked down over time to reduce total carbon emissions.”

        Basically, you pay to pollute. Then you offset the money you spent on the permit by raising the price of your goods. Companies don’t change, the consumer pays more and once again, we get fucked.

      • meefer

        Climate change bill = USA swears to reduce all global warming nasties, create “green jobs.”

        I would buy every gas-sucking, big engined car NOW so I can enjoy it before my Obama-issued Ford hybrid comes in the mail with Oprah’s face as a bumper sticker.

      • Sculptor?!?

        Aha. THAT bill. Mkay. Personally, I don’t have an issue with it, but then I make money by selling pollution offset credits generated by my roof…

  20. Afino

    Well that’s good the Coyotes managed to have a draft party at a BWW.

  21. Afino

    Burke to Brian Murray: “Oh, you guys wanted Kadri? Tough shit, we’re taking him.”

  22. Sculptor?!?

    Woohoo! Indians take the lead 4-0 over the Reds.

  23. I promised Miranda. I deliver Miranda.

    Front | Back | Side

    You rapscallions.

  24. gally82

    Random excerpt of a Canadian Hockey player interview: Hey uh, well you know uh, its uh…(slows down, takes a breath), well it uh was fun, and you know, well we’re just out there for coach eh!

  25. HernandezStache


    The idea of reducing emissions/cleaning up the air doesn’t bother me one bit. The fact that Al Gore and another jerkoff ex-Goldman Sachs guy own Generation Investment Management, which sells these offsets as well as being huge investors in the Chicago exchange where these are traded burns my ass. It’s an inside job as usual.

    If you seriously do trade those, you’re ahead of your time and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • Sculptor?!?

      I agree with you about the inside job stuff, for sure.

      And yeah, we actually do trade SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). Just sold 10 of them – knocked 50% off our car loan. WOO!

  26. aaaaand edmonton’s pick finally ends the run of picks by douchey teams

  27. Sculptor?!?

    Victor Martinez with a HR! WOO!

  28. gally82

    Why do we need 40 people up there to make a fucking pick

  29. HernandezStache

    Yankees just took a 4-0 lead over the Mets on 3 errors. Business as usual.

    Hope CC tears his fat fucking groin.

  30. OK I have to say some basketball things:
    1. Ricky Rubio is a jackass.
    2. Elliot Williams transferring from Duke to UK makes no sense. As far as I can tell, no one wants him here. He should go to Vandy.

    • marissaexplainsitall

      GASP! Someone hates the chosen one?

    • HernandezStache

      I think Rubio’s quite smart actually. He’s trying to force a trade to NY, where the Dolans will then give him max-money when his rookie contract ends. Plus he’ll get the marketing allure of NYC.

      I’m not saying he’s a good guy, but it’s a smart business decision.

      Oh, and………He looks like a Jonas brother and I can beat his ass.

      • I think he is trying to force a trade, I don’t know about NY. I think he is still in shock that he didn’t get Sacto eating out of the palm of his hand.
        It may be savvy, but it’s giving him a bad image.

      • HernandezStache

        You would think Minnesota would have spoken to him prior to drafting him. Asked a question like “Hey, any chance you’d refused to play in Minnesota?”

        I read the Rockets are pushing for a trade to get him as well as the Knicks.

      • I am beyond confused by the whole Minnesota draft. Aside from Flynn, none of their moves made much sense to me.
        Considering how much Rubio bitched about the weather, the Rockets must be a lock (that was tongue in cheek).

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        I also had an interesting trip to Indiana looking for a gas station that didn’t exist thanks to my gps.

    • RonArtestTableLeg

      @ aa, as you could guess, this draft absolutely pissed the shit out of me. From the 13th pick on i pretty much though Blair was going next. It got so bad we were laughing. I didn’t drink nearly enough. We were all very grateful that he landed in a situation where he might start from the beginning. The Wolves picks made no sense. The Sixers pick made no sense. The Wolves take 2 pure point guard. Jonny Flynn is 6 foot even…he’s not a shooting guard, yet they talked themselves into it. They should have just taken Curry and sold him to the knicks for 15 mil. Last…my facebook status..”DeJuan need to wear 36 with San Antonio and remind all those dumbass GM what they passed on.”

      • When the 76ers were up, I told my buddy “This will be Blair or, if he’s lucky, Meeks.” When they called JRUE HOLIDAY (??!??!) my mouth DROPPED. I was wondering how pissed off you were when Blair’s name kept not being called. There were so many poor calls. I kept cursing and rolling my eyes.

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        I posted more things below but how can someone take B.J. Mullens (who started 2 games for a mediocre team in a sub-par conference) over an all-american and big east player of the year. Blair DOMINATED Thabeet, yet somehow Thabeet is taken 2 overall. I also didn’t get all the foreign guys that went late 1st. I’ve heard Casspi all along, but who the fuck is this guy from the congo? He probably picked up a ball 2 years ago. I had a feeling the 6ers were going to do that (as i said in my blog stuff). When there are 2 guys close, they always take the high-upside guy. I was pissed 2 years ago when they took Thad Young over Al Thorthon. That worked out…I still would have taken Maynor or Mills. We already have a playoff team and both those guys are winners.

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        @ aa, Oh yeah and by the way, i took my brother on a visit to l’ville today…do they have laws or cops in Kentucky? I didn’t see 1 cop in 2 hours from Cincy to L’ville or on the way back (a good thing). I let him drive and he kept going 90. I guy a speeding ticket on the turnpike at the end of april so i’m super paranoid. I just stopped trying. My ticket would have been nothing compared to the wreckless driving/speeding he would have gotten for what he was doing.

      • Either there is more to Mullens than meets the eye, or he is one of the worst picks in this insane draft. I did not expect Claver at all, either. I was actually pretty mad when he got picked.
        And as for the cops – people in KY drive like they’re auditioning for NASCAR. I feel like we get trained to look for cops, and speed as long as it is clear. There aren’t nearly as many cops on the highways in KY as there are in either Indiana or Illinois. Illinois is one giant speed trap.

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        One more thing on the draft…(actually probably won’t be the last thing). Since Monta Ellis runs the Warriors now, they bluffed and bluffed into not taking a pg, then they take Curry, who like Ellis is not a point guard. So now they have 2 shooting guards that love to shoot and no point guard. Also a guy that i know is a trainer for this place and some sixers come in from time to time. Lou Williams said “I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t take a point guard.” So Lou Williams also thinks he’s a point guard. What do the Sixers do…take a point guard.

  31. Chris Hanson's Axe

    Andy, do you still run Deadspin’s Twitter?

      • Chris Hanson's Axe

        I don’t know why but that thought popped into my head the other day. With all the shakeup I feel like it would be weird if you still ran that. I guess Ben’s doing it now? How long were you running it?

      • Chris Hanson's Axe

        I just realized this might be a touchy subject… didn’t mean any harm, was just randomly curious. Feel free to ignore me.

  32. Afino


    Please, please, please…..ZACK KASSIAN!!

  33. given our luck with Russians, I’m inclined to agree

  34. except Khymlev and Mogilny. they were good. plus I went to high school with Khymlev’s daughter.

  35. HernandezStache

    Did the Rangers ever get their blood pick to replace Cherepanov?

  36. Afino


  37. Sculptor?!?

    Meh, someone tell me whom the Devils draft? Thanks.

  38. HernandezStache

    I don’t know much about the NHL draft but I would have no doubt drafted Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson. Great fucking name.

  39. Chris Hanson's Axe

    I’m not really a hockey fan at all, and I haven’t read much about the sport since I stopped getting ESPN The Mag like 6 years ago.

    So tell this tepid Flyers supporter, is Chris Pronger still good?

  40. Sculptor?!?

    Welp, the Tribe looks to have it sewn up tonight. Which means,of course they’ll lose the next two.

  41. so this fanarchy thing seems fairly douchey, no?

  42. Keffer, I’ll email you at some point later.

  43. Sculptor?!?

    Well, Sowers has run out of gas. Ya think they’ll pull him before he gives up the rest of his 9 run lead (which is now 8 runs)?

  44. scratch that, hernandez, the blueshirts get a pick in the 2nd

    • HernandezStache

      Woo-fucking-hoo. From everything I read, Cherepanov was supposedly very talented. Tragic.

      Although I’m very aware of the fact Sather would have probably traded him for the draft rights to Esa Tikkanen’s 12 year old son before he broke out.

  45. Sculptor?!?

    Gah. MORE T-storms? And MORE rain? Cripes, I’m going to float away…

  46. RonArtestTableLeg

    I’m beyond confused and incredibly pissed about the draft.

    Straight from espn insider john hollinger.

    “This a player who absolutely destroyed the second pick in the draft when they went head-to-head. His rebounding numbers are something out of a video game”

    • This point will be made more eloquently (and probably more profanely) by some of the Wolves fans at The Rookies, but NBA GMs (minus a few) are not creative or confident enough to buck conventional wisdom.

      And conventional wisdom said (check the TrueHoop link above) that the ACL problems Blair had in high school portended bad things.

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        Yeah Portland took a 19 year old player number 1 overall with a history of injuries over a scoring machine. I’m just saying, i saw the guy play every game for 2 years, and was sitting on the court for most of them. He missed 1 game (It was against IUP) in 2 years. I saw absolutely no problem with his knees. San Antonio stole another star. Blair also answered this question in a first take interview with, “My knees didn’t stop me from being the big east poy or an all-american” I’m just saying.

  47. HernandezStache

    From the Rangers’ pick Chris Kreider’s scouting report:

    -He patterns his game after Washington’s Alex Ovechkin – “he brings so much emotion and intensity to every shift and he is so dominant in every facet of his game”.

    Don’t we all.

    -Kreider describes his dream car as “some kind of van with enough room for half the team or so, plenty of hockey miles already on it and a killer sound system”.

    Sounds like James Dolan’s tour bus. What a douche.

  48. I’m exhausted and slightly punchy. And may be enjoying some whiskey. Be warned.

  49. sculptor, the devils just traded up three picks and are on the clock

  50. Columbus is up…let’s see who I get to blog about tonight!

  51. Where the hell is everyone? Anyone out there?

  52. Just got from the gym, anyone know why the A’s rockies game hasn’t started?

  53. HernandezStache

    Yo Miranda,

    You a supermodel

  54. Saberhagendaaz

    Miranda is nothing special. That is all.

  55. RonArtestTableLeg

    Transformers…Yes or No. I can imagine Megan Fox’s presence makes it a yes regardless.

  56. Chicago Sometimes

    Evenin,’ ass klaxons!!!

    So. What have I missed while running to Home Depot for a handsaw and paint thinner so I can get through this goddamn autopsy already?

    /good thing i don’t believe in hell

  57. I hate when I put my travel plans off until the last minute.

  58. Sigh I guess I’m drinking by myself this evening, anyone drinking is at EDC and I really can’t stand techno.

  59. Saberhagendaaz

    Well, what do you know? The Rookies is running again now that Rock got to host a last call. Weird.

    • marissaexplainsitall

      Take off your tin foil hat Saber, conspiracy theories don’t look good on you.

    • It’s been up since midafternoon. It was also up yesterday for two or three hours in the afternoon and subsequently crashed again. I didn’t want to have Last Call at a blog I didn’t know the security of, and I didn’t want to volunteer anyone else’s blogs because they aren’t mine.

      I suggested this and can provide you as much proof via email. Other people, the ones in charge of the designation of Last Call, are the ones who decided.

      And, really, is the congenial spirit of Last Call something you want to throw into the wind on some “Let’s accuse someone of crashing a blog for two days for the sake of a hundred comments!” tip? Really?

      • Saberhagendaaz

        Dude, chill out, I’m fucking with you. At least I thought I was just fucking with you. Why so serious?

  60. RonArtestTableLeg

    Yahoo headline: Goddell reviewing Burress incident. What exactly is he reviewing. He shot himself at a club. That’s pretty apparent.

  61. Hey, uh, if you think I somehow sabotaged a server for a blog I founded, write for, and care about seeing succeed so I could host a party on the Internet and reap whatever the rewards of this shindig is:

    Please check yourself before you get crushed.

    Thank you.

  62. Blast Off, Meatball!

    Evening, all. Anyone else out there drinking beer smuggled into church-mandated, pre-marriage retreat weekend, trying to figure out how the channel that was just airing the Stallone/Banderas classic “Assassins” transitioned into public broadcasting history programs? Or is that just me?

    • I would have smuggled something stronger than beer but thats just me.

    • I’ve just been assigned to fill out some bullshit workbook for mine.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Although said bullshit workbook is prominently involved, the first evening hasn’t been as hardcore preachy as I’d feared. Had heard rumors they basically treated the place like a prison compound.

      • Jesus…no pun intended. Maybe I got lucky — my uncle is performing our ceremony, and I think he’s just going through the motions, since I haven’t seen him in 15 years.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Yeah, our priest is thankfully rather lazy. Basically told us to go to this thing rather than have multiple prep sessions w/ him. Kills a weekend, but that’s better than killing a couple hours on six of them.

      • I’m assuming it’s all just the common sense stuff, like listen to each other, talk problems out, don’t cheat or beat, etc? I’m hoping that’s all it is.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Sounds about right. So far, has just been two “host” couples talking about their experiences while I cursed under my breath following the Mets-Yanks on the BlackBerry, followed by filling out the workbook “questions” and then getting together with the future Mrs. Meatball to discuss them and/or ponder whether we can duck out of here to the Dogfish Head Alehouse a couple miles up the road.

        Supposedly, there is an “open” Q&A session/discussion tomorrow. We’ve been trying to come up w/ the most inappropriate question for that situation. So far am leaning toward exploring church’s position on anal sex.

      • Might I refer you to the whole Marissa fucking Jesus comedy goldmine from earlier in the week? I can recall at least a half dozen things from there that’d get you where you want to go.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Link, please, if you’ve got it – sounds ideal. Was out in Vegas (for business, sadly) and haven’t been checking in around the Last Call parts very much recently.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Just tracked it down. That is some good shit. I think I will ensure my prompt removal from this weekend if I can work that in.

    • RonArtestTableLeg

      Sounds like you need more beer. I found out this place near me sells cases of this one beer for 8$ a case. Lets just say i’m starting to get use to that.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        No offense, but unless either (a) you’re in college, or (b) your local joint hijacked a beer truck and is selling the loot, you should get your hands on some better stuff.

        Just a personal opinion, though – I’ve only recently begun to choose quality over quantity myself.

      • RonArtestTableLeg

        I am in college, and it’s actually pretty good (better than natty, key and coors).

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        In that case, stock up, man. But you should still treat yourself on occasion, too. Was back at my old college stomping grounds a couple weeks ago, regretting the gallons of Milwaukee’s Best and Key Light I downed in lieu of growlers from the local brew pub.

  63. This fucking sucks. It’s too hot to sleep, I’m running on fumes and out of whiskey.

  64. I’m doing stuff for work and I’m really lazy. What important things happened in the past week in sports?

  65. (sprays beef extinguisher)

    All is cool and good. Jokes were taken incorrectly and things escalated for no reason. As a peace offering:

    Yeah, Miranda’s in it. But, come on, she’s hot here, right, Sabes? Right?

    (leads blog-based candlelight vigil for Miranda Kerr Univeral Legs-to-Radiance Appreciation Society)

    • Chicago Sometimes

      I’m gonna sound like the oldest, most curmudgeonly 25-year-old in the world here, but everything about that annoyed me so much my ears itched.

      Not particularly bad. But extremely annoying. Fitting, I suppose.

      • I’m watching a guy whose writing on hip-hop I like bash, on Twitter, Drake and Wale, two artists I like, for being “boring” milquetoast rap. The above isn’t far away, certainly.

        But the trend, at least on the always-contrarian Internet, seems to be towards the backlash against Auto-Tuned/poppy stuff.

        And we may be speaking sideways at each other: Why didn’t you like that? Just curious.

  66. I just got back from running to hear the people above me playing acoustic guitar and singing Bible songs. My upstairs neighbors SUCK.

    • Hah that seriously sucks, I must be the antichrist for playing some distorted zeppelin guitar right now

    • You clearly need to put on some Cannibal Corpse, and then leave for a while as it plays.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        I am not discarding my beer bottles, so that they’ll be readily available to break off & threaten stabbing if anyone breaks out an acoustic guitar at this shindig.

      • I was a bitter teenager who was forced to move to North Carolina from California for most of my high school career. If I was out driving on sundays, I would totally blast Slayer, Slipknot, anything that sounded like the devil itself commissioned it.

      • I want to blast Slayer. TB, you are dead on. Nothing like the whole Reign in Blood album to really put a damper on their evening.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        Not totally relevant, but my favorite thrift shop find ever was a black wife beater, with “I [heart] Slayer” on the front and “I Hate You” written on the back in red glitter paint.

      • That would be a fantastic shirt to own

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        We would rotate it among my buddies during college so we could share in the awesomeness. Not coincidentally, we did not get laid much.

        No idea about its whereabouts now, sadly.

      • I feel that as a girl, I cannot wear a glitter band shirt without fear of being called a poser. However, I would wear that shirt.

      • FatNakedMoleRat

        I live near Wrigley Field. It sucks. The best thing about it is that my favorite bar, The Gingerman Tavern, has Reign In Blood on the jukebox. After a Cubs game I’ll play the entire album and all the sissy Cubs fans hightail it out of town lickety split.

  67. marissaexplainsitall


  68. Business_Socks

    I’m quitting the internet. Jim Brown-style.

    How is everyone else tonight?

  69. MagicsJohnson that song is the shit, why can’t there be more balls out awesome music today.

    • Well, it wouldn’t be as cool if it was mainstream. It’s better this way — or at least that’s what I tell myself when rooting through a drawer full of Rush concert tees.

      • Blast Off, Meatball!

        You, sir, have not lived until you’ve taken a fairly lengthy cab ride with an African driver BLASTING Rush and repeatedly professing his love for Geddy Lee.

      • I think the same thing as I go through in my head all of the awesomeness that is YYZ

      • I caught the boys at Saratoga last summer…I ducked inside Barnes and Noble to take a piss. I came out and continued to walk down the street, and saw a bunch of dudes in Snakes and Arrows shirts, all kinds of excited. Turns out that while I was pissing, Geddy happened to come by and posed for cell phone pics with several guys in the group. The urge to kill rose.

  70. Rivers Cuomo wrote a song about the U.S. soccer team. SPOILER: It sucks.

  71. Awesomeness, I just scored the new RX Bandits album, hooray music industry connections.

  72. Farthammer

    Hey, kinda new here. With that being said, Weezer has sucked for a good 6 years at minimum, Ghostface Killah is a hard-ass, and someone up there is an A’s fan: you’re cool. I’ve been to 6 games this year and saw them win once.
    Everyone else: Hi!

  73. FatNakedMoleRat

    The night is late, and I assume you are all done for the night. But i thought that since I stumbled home I would still say “howdy!”

  74. 3.4 meter/sec tailwind?
    I could do better than 9.75 sec 100m.
    Like get 300 comments on one of my blog posts >__>

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