Sometimes, Tim Tebow is Wrong

It’s not Tim Tebow that’s wrong, per se. (Of course.) But on the April 21st episode of JEOPARDY!, contestant Alex Hooper drew a blank in Final Jeopardy.

What is awful Photoshop? (This is awful Photosjhop.)

What is awful Photoshop? (This is awful Photoshop.)

Hooper, in last, was presented with the category “Books About Authors,” and the answer:

Stefan Kanfer’s 2008 biography of this star is titled “Somebody”, a nod to one of his most famous lines

He answered:

Who is Tim Tebow?

Now, Hooper’s from Cedar Key, Florida, and his Hometown Howdy, the short clip used to promote a contestant’s appearance on their local affiliate, shouts out North Central Florida and the Gators. I’m going to guess that the Gator love isn’t him actually thinking Tim Tebow was the correct question. (That was “Who is Marlon Brando?”)

And it’s not like Tebow’s new to the world of game show trivia: Tebow’s name has actually been uttered on the show before. He was a correct $2000 question in May of last year.

But, really, you know you won’t get the answer right and waste your chance to write something on an invocation of the Tebow Child?

Go Gators, I guess?

(I’ll update this post with a screengrab and a video when the video eventually hits the Internet, but, well, the J! Archive, for the uninitiated, is pretty much gospel. This episode was also notable because the leader heading into Final Jeopardy sort of failed in their final wager, but, hey, I’m a dork.)


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3 responses to “Sometimes, Tim Tebow is Wrong

  1. Tommy Maranges

    Ouch. Dropped a number from her wager, you hate to see that happen.

    There was a lot of really goofy wagering going on here – no one’s number quite seems to make sense.

    Incidentally, how long have you been able to watch Jeopardy!? I still haven’t tried since a few weeks after the airing. It’s been quite a while.

  2. I watch sparingly. I try not to say anything; there are a few people who know, and I like keep that at a few. But I’ve always enjoyed the game.

    Can’t say it’s a daily endeavor. Hasn’t been since then.

    The J! Archive wagering for this show was something like four-fifths (guarding for a Triple Stumper), double up, and Triple Stumper poaching. None of them did that particularly well.

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