Entrails: April 10th, 2009

This is heartbreaking.

This is heartbreaking.

Fantastic top four reads in this Entrails, in spite of how the material came to be.

Rest in peace, Nick Adenhart, Henry Pearson, and Courtney Stewart. My heart and best wishes go out to your families and friends.

A beautiful tribute to a friend. (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Sobering thoughts on the tragedy. (Dave Lozo)

Vin Scully’s simple remembrance. (Will Leitch)

The story surrounding Adenhart’s start. (LA Times)

And my two cents: The three people in the Mitsubishi were innocents felled by fate, outrageous fortune colliding with stupidity and calamity. It’s a natural tendency to want the person who drove drunk, ran a red light, and ended three lives to be brought the most justice possible.

But punishing one person does not solve the problem, just as putting murderers to death has not curbed killing. There is a fundamental difficulty in America with alcohol being a social lubricant and a idiocy accelerant.

Perhaps, while venting our spleen at someone whose colossal mistake took promise from us, we should make promises to prevent that from happening to those we love in whatever way possible. Remembrance through action is a powerful thing.

Whither Chuck? (TV By the Numbers)

Could the Mavericks trade for Chris Paul? I hope not. (Mavs Blog)

You, too, could be an Eminem stan. (Rap Radar)

Spencer Hall and MMA: Parts one and two. (The Sporting Blog)

Plenty of NCAA/Madden stuff today. Is Create-a-School back? Do these changes improve Dynasty? Is adaptive AI the future? (Pasta Padre; Inside EA)

Pirates sportswriters and reality are not in contact. (3:10 to Joba)

Free Darko is joining a podcast. (Free Darko)

Teens want iPods. Unanimously. (Gizmod0)

So they’ll pay the “Apple tax,” right? (CNET)

Finally, Tiger’s new Gatorade commercial makes me think of my dad. I’m a far more avid sports fan than he is, but the list of sporting events we watch together starts with golf’s major championships, and, because it was during the school year, the Masters was the most important. I remember all of Tiger’s wins, and, especially, that miracle chip, and I associate them with good time with my dad.

Also, the ad’s trippy. So I like this commercial. (Awful Announcing)


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