Entrails: April 9th, 2009

Preston Tucker is the guy on the right. He can hit. (Andrew Stanfill/Alligator Staff)

Preston Tucker's on the right. He can hit. (Andrew Stanfill/Alligator Staff)

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UF’s Preston Tucker goes off against UCF: Three homers, two grand slams, and 11 RBI in the course of three innnings. (4th and Fail)

Kanye West and fish sticks. (South Park)

WNBAer writes about sports and sex appeal. (Yardbarker)

More on Simmons’ insane 9/11 remark. (Hey Jenny Slater)

Rest in peace, Nick Adenhart. (ESPN)

On extreme borrowing in the blogosphere. (Kottke)

When will your state legalize gay marriage? (FiveThirtyEight)

Tim Tebow dislikes eBay, Facebook, and Twitter. (Swamp Things)

The WNBA Draft is today. Follow along. (WNBA)

How to register for Blogs With Balls. (NESW Sports)

Finally, on a day when three people, one a young athlete, are snuffed out by bad fortune and the incredibly stupid and selfish decision by someone else to drive while intoxicated, hug your family a little tighter.

The entire argument about drunk driving is really one about personal responsibility, and it’s not worth having that discussion without working to make it better; blaming those who do is just piling on the misery. But we need to figure out a better way to keep roads safe from those who choose to drink and endanger others.

My best wishes go out to all those affected by this accident.


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