Entrails: April 8th, 2009

I love Renee's smile. (AP)

I love Renee's smile. (AP)

You know where to send tips.

But what if the UConn women were better? (The Quad)

A fantastic picture taunting Duke. (Golden’s Nuggets)

A Twitter mixtape exists. God help us. (2dopeboyz)

Bar Refaeli: Less alluring than Augusta National. (Sports Biz)

Maybe it’s because of the prices. (Devil Ball Golf)

Reilly on the D’Backs’ great generosity. Very cool. (ESPN)

More than you ever needed to know about Jeff Giles. (The CIS Blog)

Joe Pos and Michael Schur. (Joe Posnanski)

Thanking T-Mac for the Magic’s success. (Orlando Sentinel)

The Rock the Bells lineup is out, and awesome. (Nah Right)

The joy of being Chris Rainey. (Gator Country)

Jonah Keri, committing to blogging. (Jonah Keri)

Finally, Scoop Jackson on this UNC team’s place in the hoops pantheon. Funny, I don’t see one of the two teams in the last 30 years to win back-to-back titles on that list, just in the comment on the bottom.

Basketball heads will underrate those teams for years to come. But it’s worth noting that in the era of the freshman phenom, with none of their own, the Florida Gators pulled off a title as underdogs and as favorites, sent three of their five starters to the lottery, and generally outclassed everyone they ran across those seasons: Roy Hibbert, Greg Oden, George Mason’s Cinderfellas, UCLA twice. If Scoop wants to put this very impressive Carolina team ahead of them, fine, great, whatever.

But I think these Tar Heels would have trouble with the ’04s.


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