Entrails: April 7th, 2009

CC: Midseason form. And size. (AP)

CC: Midseason form. And size. (AP)

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Opening Day in fifty words. (Ladies…)

Nine Inch Nails: The iPhone app to end musician iPhone apps. (Gizmodo)

Could UCF be the new Conference USA favorite? They did land Marcus Jordan, son of that guy named Air. (Open Mike)

Uni Watch starts a classifieds section. Huh? (Uni Watch)

An interview with Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel. (Real Clear Sports)

Link journalism: Eviscerated. I don’t think of this blog as “link journalism,” or this post, for that matter, but I’m also not trying to make any money off of this blog. (City Desk)

Eminem releases video, takes shots at Jessica Simpson, Bret Michaels. World keeps spinning, though the wordplay is barely worth noticing. (Idolator)

Could Madden’s franchise mode get better? (Inside EA)

Congrats to the guys at On the DL for being named “Best of Jersey” in podcasting. I understand that one of the few requirements for this is being able to breath around the person without inhaling hairspray, but, still, great work. (New Jersey Monthly)

Finally, Bobby Hurley’s dad is a legendary high school basketball coach. This story’s a good one (Thanks for the tip!), but the scariest thing is the numbers cited. Bob Hurley Sr. has never made more than $9,000 to coach in high school, but he’s “been offered millions” to jump to the college ranks. He doesn’t, because the kids in high school are the ones he wants to help.

And this is the difference between coaching and teaching. You think John Calipari’s going to Kentucky and making sure his recruits sign a letter and commit to a contract beyond the usual scholarship boilerplate? I doubt it. When all is said and done, getting exalted as a “leader of men” (cough, Krzyzewski, cough) is less important than actually doing it. John Wooden remains untouchable as a college coach because of it.


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