Entrails: April 6th, 2009

I assume the text won't be overlaid. (Gizmodo)

I assume the text won't be overlaid. (Gizmodo)

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MLB’s plan for Web video is exhaustive, awesome. (Gizmodo)

Your college is so fat, instead of having dining halls, they have troughs! Fine. Don’t laugh. (LeMassive)

Sick of Twitter? Try (the fake) Flutter! (Search Engine Watch)

A review of soccer podcasts. (Avoiding the Drop)

Is being poor getting harder? (Freakonomics Blog)

Washington Wizards remake Nike commercial, redeem season. (Dustin Canalin)

So, wait, people think there’s a way the NBA Finals won’t be Cavs-Lakers? (TrueHoop)

Design coding and rap: Keep them away from each other. Little guy: Huge air. YouTube links: Getting their own section tomorrow. (YouTube)

URL shorteners: Bane of or boon for the Web? (Josiah Schachter; Mashable)

Finally, I hate the opening line here. Women’s college basketball deserves to be called college basketball; Eric Angevine, who writes the usually brilliant Storming the Floor, should know this.

I am more excited for the Connecticut Huskies’ women’s championship game against Louisville (look, Big East dominance!) than I am for the North Carolina-Michigan State game tonight. That’s not because I think it will be more competitive—in fact, I would guess both favorites, UNC and UConn, romp—but because this UConn team has a chance to be immortal, and deservedly so.

Their undefeated season would be just the fifth in women’s college hoops, and the first since the Huskies’ legendary 2002 team, with Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Ashja Jones, Tamika Williams, and some sophomore named Taurasi. It wouldn’t be nearly as good as that season, to my mind, because this team is playing with three of the nation’s best players in a time when talent from sea to shining sea is less concentrated than it has been in a while.

But that parity has allowed this team to perhaps be the most dominant in the history of women’s college basketball. These Huskies decimate teams, pressing in the half-court, swarming on the low block, racing down the floor in transition, and generally outworking their opponents. And they do it with a host of excellent players: It’s telling that freshman Tiffany Hayes, sophomore Maya Moore, junior Tina Charles, and senior Renee Montgomery are the four best players on this team, in no particular order.

This is no superstar show, nor a tale of one magical class of recruits. This is UConn becoming a program again, a team with the best talent really playing like it. And it’s fun to watch. I’ll be live blogging Tuesday night, and I hope you’ll join me.

Also, read the rest of Angevine’s article. It’s good; the first line just bugged me.

Check out The Picksperiment.


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