Entrails: April 3rd, 2009

I put Twitter in your Twitter so you can Twitter while you Twitter.

I put Twitter in your Twitter so you can Twitter while you Twitter.

I’m starting something new. This is a daily collection of links, not all sports-related, devoted to the best, most interesting, or most important stuff I want to share.

Send me stuff.

Twitter co-founder goes on The Colbert Report, is mocked, hints at revenue this year. (Gizmodo)

Please, let Terrelle Pryor run. Cheetahs aren’t made to trot. (Dr. Saturday)

The Rookies continue their interview series. (The Rookies)

A Braves fan grows in the Big Apple. But why? (Ladies…)

Maybe it’s because of the Yankees’ ticket prices. (Sports Biz)

Oh, my, what a golf hole. (Devil Ball Golf)

A.J. Price has had some rough times. (Hartford Courant)

Twitter in Gmail. (Twitter Gadget)

Twitter app gets pulled by the NCAA. (Media Memo)

Hell, here’s a link to Twitter. (Twitter Twitter Twitter)

Academics play a role in recruiting? Really? There are college applicants who care about the education they receive? (ESPN RISE)

The economy, forcing professional gamers to get jobs without joysticks. (NYT)

The Washington Capitals have a new fan with a neat story. (DC Sports Bog)

Finally, Jemele Hill having an open Facebook leads to mocking posts like this. Usually, accuracy isn’t the most important thing on the Internet, and predicting something in a Facebook status is a step up on the prognostication pyramid from whispering it in the bathroom, in any case, but when you predict incorrectly and whiff on the basic math involved, Katy bar the door. It’s funny to me, mostly, because this is a small, sincere mistake that a blog with a bigger one on its record is lampooning.

Sparty and Friends ran with the rumors on Billy Donovan to Kentucky and swung and missed Chris Petersen to Mississippi State, got the links and hits for being first in the blogosphere, and then had those things blow up in their faces. Sparty crowed about the “controversy” in a Best of 2008 post, though he and they realize that they were wrong with Petersen. And, rightly, they have a right to razz Hill, too. But she has every bit as much of a right to be wrong as they do, even if it is really, really easy to count to three, and you don’t see her blogging about them. I don’t think anyone involved really wants that, though. (Sparty and Friends)

And if you S&Fers want to talk more, the comments work for that. I have to commend you on “owning your words”; you’re teaching me something through this.



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6 responses to “Entrails: April 3rd, 2009

  1. Whoa buddy. Let’s set some things straight. We didn’t lead any charge on the Donovan front. We cited WHAS out of Louisville, who reported it was a done deal.

    Yes, we were wrong on the Chris Petersen story, but our source was about as good as they get for that. The media gets it wrong everyday, Kirk Herbstreit (Michigan)…and in the last few days WHAS (Billy Donovan) and 620AM KTAR’s Mark Asher (Tim Floyd)…the same source told us Kiffin was getting hired, we ran with it then, and were right. It just happened that the state of Idaho picked up on us quickly.

    As for Ms. Hill, she is a friend of mine, we only doing it to razzle her a bit (notice what day it was posted). She didn’t seem to mind.

  2. Fiesta Trio

    News sources get tons of information wrong. Sources that do not wish to be cited because they are not authorized to comment…they comment all the time. There is tons of speculation on the internet, most of which is wrong. Don’t single out S&F for one bad “prediction”.

  3. No, Jemele doesn’t mind; I’m a Facebook friend of hers, too, and we’ve had casual and cordial chats. I’d assume that’s the same with you. I can’t really say too much about drawing from social media for posts (witness my Thabeet piece), but I’ve told her I’m never grabbing stuff from her Facebook for posts.

    That’s just me, and obviously I’m not your editor, you know?

    I say you “lead the charge” on Donovan because it was your stuff that hit Deadspin and the rest of Blogfrica that Friday; if I recall correctly, the same thing happened with Petersen. You’re right, the substance is different, and I’ll change this post to reflect it, but you still got viewed as the flag-carrier on that one, and, because it fell apart, got burned. Like you, I had a source saying it was almost done, and I’d seen the rumors floating around that Thursday night, so I could’ve run with it, but I wanted to wait around and see.

    You didn’t. That’s fine, too.

    And, yeah, you were wrong on the Petersen thing and it blew up because Idaho apparently cares about Boise State (who knew?) but that doesn’t preclude you from making fun of Jemele Hill. So I see your point.

    But celebrating just being wrong is a frustration for me, because less ambitious people who were right probably lost hits to you guys chasing down that rabbit hole.

    In sum: I get what you’re saying, I’m altering the post, and I hope you know that I do read and enjoy 90% of your stuff; this just rubbed me wrong.

  4. But she has every bit as much of a right to be wrong as they do, and it rubs me wrong for her to get razzed with no context.

    How was our razzing of Hill without context? Her words were the context.

    Also, about being wrong, “You can take this to the bank.” being in the Peterson story and and not using the word “rumor” was our most egregious error and we’ve been more than contrite about it.

    But, I am still failing to see how we “crowed” or were “celebrating being wrong.” We don’t want to be wrong; we want to be credible. The reaction from the Peterson stuff was amazing and it allowed us to mature in the way we “break” news. But saying we’re reveling in our wrongs is wrong in itself. We make a sincere effort to own our words and express contrition for our errors. We also make fun of ourselves for them. I think I made a comment recently during the Calipari-to-KY mess that Izzo was coming to Memphis, and Peterson was going to MSU. If our self-deprecation is what you mean by crowing and celebrating our error, then that’s just gonna have to be a difference of opinion, I guess. I just don’t see it that way.

  5. On the Jemele comment: I need to change the language there; she typoed, and there’s really no “context” for that.

    But, I am still failing to see how we “crowed” or were “celebrating being wrong.”

    I’m talking about the words Sparty wrote celebrating the “controversy,” as he put it, associated with the Petersen-MSU rumor; I can’t find the wording about “celebrating being wrong” in this edition of the post, though it may have been there before the afternoon edit. I agree, though, that it’s been a good thing for you all, not just from an attention standpoint, but because it’s a mistake you’ve learned from.

    What Sparty wrote in that “Best of 2008” post is less self-deprecating than most of what you’ve, as a group, written about it, to me, but I acknowledge that we may see a difference in tone there.

    Thanks for following up and defending your stuff. You’ve won a fan and reader for all of this; it’s nice to see this sort of dedication to owning your words.

  6. @Fiesta: I’m not blaming S&F for having a faulty source, per se: The speculation was serious enough that I’m pretty sure I remember seeing ESPN pick up on it, too.

    But, initially, before a lot of this explanation in the comments, I was frustrated with them taking a famous name and poking fun without a lot of circumspection.

    Clearly, they’ve done whatever soul-gazing was necessary, and they both defend their stuff and admit their errors. So my hat’s off to them.

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