Entrails: April 1st, 2009

Kurt Warner's "QB Vision," also known as the "Jesus Cone." (EA)

Kurt Warner's "QB Vision." This feature also known as the "Jesus Cone." (EA)

I’m starting something new. This is a daily collection of links, not all sports-related, devoted to the best, most interesting, or most important stuff I want to share.

Send me stuff.

EA Sports, reinventing quarterback play playing tricks. I will admit to being fooled. (Inside EA)

Gay Division I kicker talks to Outsports. World fails to collapse. (Outsports)

ESPN’s new SportsCenter theme sounds like an extended remix of the old one done by Avenged Sevenfold. (Awful Announcing)

The Ladies… pick an interesting Hump Day Hottie. (Ladies…)

The Zodiac of college football coaches. I am so not Lane Kiffin. (EDSBS)

Former Devo member’s album can be yours for $7 or $50K. Genius plan. (Consumerist)

Great post: Stop whining about baseball. (Big League Stew)

OCD moments in gaming. I’m guilty of most of ’em. (The Minus World)

The story of Big Ten coaches on Twitter. (Big Ten Network)

SI and fact-checking, not mixing. (DC Sports Bog)

Hey, Joe Paterno? You might avoid talking about race and basketball in the future. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Finally, a fantastic podcast from the folks On the DL. They talk to Michael Davis, author of Street Gang, a book about Sesame Street, and dredge up some wonderful clips. The one at the bottom, with Big Bird at Jim Henson’s funeral, is heartbreaking.



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2 responses to “Entrails: April 1st, 2009

  1. So would the QB vision feature be completely red for Kyle Orton?

  2. Ha. No.

    But for Rex? Maybe.

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