Entrails: March 30th, 2009

He's back. (AP)

He's back. (AP)

I’m starting something new. This is a daily collection of links, not all sports-related, devoted to the best, most interesting, or most important stuff I want to share.

Send me stuff.

Devil Ball Golf asks, “Can there be any doubters now?” Sure: Can Tiger go down the stretch on Sunday when his competition isn’t Sean O’Hair and isn’t coughing up a five-stroke advantage? Also, Stevie’s got calves. (Devil Ball Golf)

Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow, conversing on Sunday. Tebow is never not enthusiastic. (Alligator Army)

Is pickup roundball dead? I hope not. (Moderately Cerebral Bias)

Donte Stallworth continues a sad trend for Tennessee Vols after college. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Mike Leach is inventive, even in academics. Sort of. (Dr. Saturday)

Check out The Red Carders. If ever you needed to know about Irish soccer merch, here’s the place. (The Red Carders)

The No-Look Pass talks to former NBAer Tracy Murray.

How to share great blog posts. (Mashable)

Interesting, inspiring: Jim Webb and prison reform. (Salon)

Search Google Images by color. (Alana Taylor)

NBA players’ intro wars. (NESW Sports)

On Gus Johnson and “pause.” (LeMassive)

Move over, Syracuse/UConn: Seven overtimes in college lacrosse, and I doubt Virginia and Maryland had the benefit of media timeouts. (The Quad)

More UConn: Their agent troubles were uncovered by Yahoo! Sports during research for this story. You won’t be surprised by the tale, but you might be by the scale. (Rivals/Yahoo)

ESPN The Mag and a Gatorade ad on the cover. I have the issue; it’s not the end of the world for me as a reader, especially because I expect no better from the Worldwide Leader. (Portfolio)

The bridge from sports to music? Hip-hop and basketball. (Low Posts)

The 50 Cent/Rick Ross beef, analyzed graphically. Great stuff. (NYT)

Finally, a fond farewell to Blender. I liked that magazine, even after they started Maxim-izing the cover, and I’ll forever be indebted to them for reminding me that the Clipse existed. Smart writing on mainstream music without the haughtiness of Rolling Stone, and the best eulogy comes from Chris Molanphy in the comments at the link:

It was like a bunch of smart people had decided to hold hands and jump into the commercial end of the pool together, and what they created was surprisingly worthwhile.

That sums Blender up better than I ever could. (Idolator)

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