Entrails: March 24th, 2009

You will never see a PhotoShop work as hard as this one.

You will never see a PhotoShop work as hard as this one.

I’m starting something new. This is a daily collection of links, not all sports-related, devoted to the best, most interesting, or most important stuff I want to share.

Send me stuff.

LSUFreek is a genius for that image. (Here’s two more.) Orson debuted EDSBS Jeopardy. Basically, EDSBS won today, and we should all go home. (EDSBS)

Previewing the Premiership’s final weeks. Man U is still looking unassailable. (Avoiding the Drop)

The Florida Marlins are getting a new stadium and a new name in 2012. Or, at least, they might, if they avoid the six-year World Series-to-fire sale cycle this year. You can imagine Hanley Ramirez as Derek Jeter’s successor, right? (AP)

Read Leitch’s weekly column at Deadspin. He’s still one of the best writers on sports working, and this is a fun meta-column. (Deadspin)

Ryan Mallett’s potential punting is a story. Slow day in the SEC. (ESPN)

Speaking of slow talking schedules in March. (College Gridiron 365)

UF fans will love Jelani Jenkins. (The Alligator)

Phil Spector: Probably insane. (Esquire)

Clay Travis, savaging the Tennessee Vols’ first round NCAA Tournament loss before salvaging a day in San Diego. (Clay Travis)

Grading conferences on Tournament performances so far. (The Dagger)

RedLasso being on its way back means better highlight reels. (Philebrity)

Shouldn’t the liquor purchase for a free ticket be some sort of tequila? It is Phoenix, not Petrograd. (Puck Daddy)

Simmons on NBA stats. I promise a Simmons article on Thursday. (ESPN)

John Hollinger, lionizing LeBron. (ESPN)


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