Sports Stars, Mainstream Media Members, and Blogging Brethren: Sweet Tweets

I was inspired to do this by recent articles.

Deadspin had two posts on Sunday from Twitter. That plane in the Hudson was a watershed moment for TwitPic. And Barack Obama’s inauguration yesterday overloaded Twitter in general.

Clearly, as a microblogging/thought-casting app, Twitter’s at a critical mass. I’ve compiled a thorough list of the teams, players, media personalities and bloggers on Twitter. This is by no means every sports-related Twitter user, but it’s a large chunk. Read on for more.

The Athletes, Coaches, and Teams


The Blognoscenti

What It Means

Now, with that, and with the news that Twitter’s bigger than Digg, it makes sense for there to be an online directory of all these sports figures’ accounts. That’s where I come in.

Starting tomorrow, one of the pages on this blog will be an updated list of all the athletes, bloggers, and mainstream media outlets with newsworthy or entertaining Twitter feeds. I’ll be checking everyday for the new ones, and adding any the world at large thinks I’ve overlooked. To report an omission, or get your feed removed from the list, simply comment on that page or email me at my new address (that’s if the link doesn’t work), and I’ll get right on it.

Oh, and feel free to follow me, too. I’m not funny, or an athlete. But I’m there.

Happy tweeting, folks.

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