Even Nickelback Would Have Been Better

You remember what happened the last time the national championship took place in Miami, don’t you?

No, besides USC’s 55-19 thrashing of Oklahoma. You give up?

At halftime, Ashlee Simpson self-immolation gave some Buddhist monks pause.

It was big news then, in much quainter times, before the entire financial foundation of the universe was springing leaks left and right, because I remember there being a furor about this.

The full video is below, if you feel like giving yourself a lobotomy with a railroad spike.

There are many good things about this national championship game, but one of them is that there’s pretty much no way that the Mariemont High School cheerleaders won’t soar over Jessica’s little sister’s bar.

Heck, have them do their routine to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”: it’s almost appropriate for the game, what with the ring and Beyonce’s bionic implant, obviously an homage to robo-quarterback Sam Bradford:

Just don’t tell Urban Meyer his daughter might be dancing to it.


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