The Week That Was: Week of November 17th-21st, 2008

I’m a fellow traveler on the Internet. I read things, too.

And, every Friday, this post is where I’ll put all of the week’s best things, articles you may have missed, and things generally worth your while. It’s old, but this tale of the forlorn Sam McGuffie by Dan Feldman of the Michigan Daily might explain why transfer rumors have been swirling.

One of the reasons not transferring makes sense for Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo? It keeps him under the watch of tabloids that love printing ridiculously self-aggrandizing claims.

You think the Dillon Panthers have nice facilities for a high school? You haven’t seen anything like what Ohio’s Massillon Tigers are going to practice in.

If only Oakland’s other owners were as intentionally humorous as Lew Wolff. The A’s owner claims to be “scared” of proposing something to Bud Selig, but it’s more telling that Oakland baseball employees color-code Scott Boras clients on big boards.

I covered a story similar to this while working for The Alligator, but, honestly, this one’s more impressive, and my hat’s off to J.P. Hayes. He may have cost himself thousands of dollars, but he keeps his integrity, just like Jessica Yadloczky did.

The LeBron James soap opera won’t even be at the end of the beginning until the summer of 2010, but these comments to’s Chris Sheridan are telling. I imagine LeBron feels much like Michael Jordan would have if he’d been attached to a Charlotte franchise.

The saga of Mike Leach, Dread Pirate and bon vivant, is fun to follow, and this story about his beginnings as a coach gives insight into his football philosophies, derived from people like Hal Mumme and LaVell Edwards. But if he’s telling recruits something like what former Oklahoma quarterback Josh Heupel relates (“He wasn’t too big on what the defenses were doing. He just wanted you to find some grass and get the ball there.”), it’s no wonder that he’s not getting big-time NFL prospects under center; that won’t fly for prospective pros.

A list of the best insider sports blogs rounds up the usual suspects, but adds a couple you may not have heard of or visited.

Esquire continues to have good sports punditry, and Peter Schrager’s column on the bizarre NFL season is just another example of that.

Dana O’Neil’s piece on college basketball recruiting doesn’t exactly break ground, but the quotes are worth it, and she nails the tenor of the process.

Scoop Jackson goes searching for a nickname for college basketball’s answer to Chris Paul. I’ll suggest Stephen “Silk” Curry, because it’s been a while since anyone thought of Jamaal Wilkes.

Pat Forde is the best columnist in ESPN’s employ, and it’s not even close. And though he’s got quotes from the hapless Bill Stewart in this article on Bob Stoops’ struggles in big games, he whiffs on Boise State’s Chris Petersen (though he accurate and rightly points out that Boise dominated the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, then fell behind late, not quite the Cinderella myth most believe) and aims his guns at a nice big target instead of being more incisive. Still, a good read.

Spencer Hall continues to be the man. Exhibit #729: this chart of BCS potentialities.

The fellows from FreeDarko gave a revealing interview to the NYT. If you like glimpses of their genius, I heartily recommend five minutes with it.

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