The Saturday Speculator: Week 8

It’s a list. Blame FIFA 09.

  • TCU vs. BYU
  • Boise State vs. Hawai’i
  • Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech
  • South Florida vs. Syracuse
  • Maryland vs. Wake Forest
  • Georgia vs. Vanderbilt
  • Utah vs. Colorado State
  • Oklahoma State vs. Baylor
  • Navy vs. Pittsburgh
  • Oklahoma vs. Kansas
  • Virginia vs. North Carolina
  • Washington State vs. USC (And, because I can’t resist mentioning it, USC covers the 42.5 point spread.)
  • Alabama vs. Mississippi
  • Michigan State vs. Ohio State
  • Penn State vs. Michigan
  • Boston College vs. Virginia Tech
  • South Carolina vs. LSU
  • Texas vs. Missouri
  • Arizona vs. Cal

There will be at least a lengthy Hangover Cure on Sunday.


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