The Saturday Speculator: Week 7

Yeah, uh, about that Hangover Cure?

I’ll make it up to you.

  • Wake Forest vs. Clemson: Seriously, people are still on the Tigers’ bandwagon? I’ve long been off of it, and even though I can’t trust a team that got steamrolled for three quarters by Navy, the Demon Deacons would have been my pick here.
  • Oklahoma vs. Texas: I still don’t have any faith in Texas. The team has been good in big games under exactly one quarterback, and he was not named Colt McCoy. Plus, I like the Sooners’ offensive talent a little bit better. This shouldn’t be close.
  • Kansas vs. Colorado: Kansas had its road scare last week. This is in Lawrence, against a beat-up Colorado team that was putrid against Florida State on the road, and the Jayhawks are a better team than the ‘Noles.
  • Wyoming vs. Utah: Call me when the Utes are playing BYU in a top-ten Holy War.
  • Mississippi State vs. Vanderbilt: I’m sorely tempted to say that Vandy’s not going to survive a trip to Starkvegas, but between two teams who could play 60 minutes of football without scoring, I’m going to take the one with big-play potential. And that’s the Commodores, at least until someone playing quarterback for the Bulldogs grows an SEC-level arm.
  • Texas Tech vs. Nebraska: Missouri rolled Nebraska in Lincoln. Mike Leach’s Red Raiders can definitely do that in Lubbock, though I worry that this could be a trap game after they passed their first road test against Kansas State last Saturday.
  • Georgia vs. Tennessee: There is no way I could convince myself that the Clawfense could win this game, or at least not one without the use of grade-A Chattanooga moonshine. The idea that Tennessee could surprise someone this year, much less the Bulldogs, is as absurd as a Nick Stephens for Heisman campaign.
  • North Carolina vs. Notre Dame: Notre Dame is better-coached and has a better quarterback in  starting-to-deserve-the-hype Jimmy Clausen, but North Carolina’s got more speed and is tested in close games this year. If Notre Dame were to win this, they could conceivably be looking at a ten-win season; alas, the Tar Heels will dash that dream.
  • Northwestern vs. Michigan State: I’m not sure how Northwestern’s home field advantage plays against a ranked team here, especially one that can bludgeon the Big Ten with Javon Ringer, but I’ve got a soft spot for the Wildcats and I think C.J. Bacher, Tyrell Sutton, and an underrated defense keep them undefeated for one more week.
  • Ohio State vs. Purdue: Terrelle Pryor’s been getting slurped for his efforts in the Buckeyes’ comeback win against Wisconsin last week, but it’s precisely the opposite thing, his effortlessness, that we should be noticing. There’s a grace to Pryor’s game, certainly as a runner and less obviously as a passer, an instinct no amount of coaching could produce in a lesser player. When Ohio State took the ball late in that game, it took about two plays to realize Pryor was going to lead them down the field and score. Not much rhyme or reason to it: he was just going to score. The last guy who gave me that feeling was Vince Young. Buckeyes stomp a bad Purdue team.
  • USC vs. Arizona State: Remember when Arizona State was a legitimate Pac-10 contender? 1997 seems so long ago now. Trojans continue their resurgence.
  • Auburn vs. Arkansas: I would love nothing more than for Arkansas to beat Auburn even after Tony Franklin’s Spread Eagle got its wings clipped. But after seeing how Arkansas’ defense played last week against Florida, I wouldn’t pick the Hogs against Albania. Tigers win a snoozer with a score like 17-3.
  • Brigham Young vs. New Mexico: BYU is going to get jobbed. They’ll go undefeated and be robbed of a chance to play for the national title, then run up against a really good BCS team with more talent than Provo’s seen in years. Then, and only then, will the Cougars lose this year.
  • Western Kentucky vs. Ball State: I’m cheering for the Cardinals, who I think play two or three more inspired games to honor Dante Love. Plus, Western Kentucky’s not very good.
  • Wisconsin vs. Penn State: No one knows Bret Bielema’s name, but he’s going to hear drumbeats in the distance if the Badgers lose their third straight and second in a row at home. Then again, Joe Paterno doesn’t even know his own name at this point. The Nittany Lions win and we all know who Derrick Williams is by Sunday.
  • Southern Miss vs. Boise State: I confess that I had to look this up, but Damion Fletcher is a good running back. Southern Miss has no one else, really, and the Broncos won’t be challenged, but Fletcher’s good, I guess.
  • Florida vs. LSU: Speculator SAT Time: Tim Tebow isn’t the Tim Tebow of last year because a) he’s trying too hard, b) he’s pressing his throws, c) he’s off fighting the Terminator. The correct answer is d) none of the above, of course, and there’s another post waiting on that, but the Gators ought to figure out now that the “Wild” formations springing up all over work even better if the runners are as quick as Percy Harvin or Chris Rainey. Also, I don’t trust LSU’s offense, and I think this is the week Florida’s defense really makes some noise.
  • Missouri vs. Oklahoma State: The Cowboys are ranked, and the Tigers take care of that. I’m not picking against the Quarterback Brought to You By Papa John’s Zesty Italian Pizza unti he plays Oklahoma.

And I’m short on insight this week, so my standalone prediction is that at least one of Tim Tebow, Knowshon Moreno, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Daryll Clark leaves a game due to injury, maudlin though that may be.

See you Saturday.


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  1. what a great weekend of college football we have ahead of us! I will be interested to see how all these favorites play as I picked a lot of dogs.

    Jesse W

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