Live Blog: Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Florida Gators

I’m actually blogging from bed.

I love Saturday.

Florida kicks, and it’s a touchback.

Arkansas throws on its first snap, and the ball falls incomplete.

Janoris Jenkins is the starter for Florida opposite Joe Haden, replacing Wondy Pierre-Louis; Jenkins has been quite solid all year, and this might be the lineup for a while.

On second down, Michael Smith rolls over a Haden tackle for six or so, then, on third down, Casey Dick hits a crossing receiver and he takes the ball to midfield.

On that first down, a throw in the flat to Smith nets another first down. Florida’s defense is looking very much like kindling.

You can hear “Gator Bait” chants in Fayetteville. That’s not a good thing for Arkansas.

Casey Dick gets about three days to throw on third down after a penalty, but the Hogs won’t get the first, and they’ll go for it; Carlos Dunlap works his way by the line and brings Dick down, and Florida will have the ball at their 36.

Quick option to the right, Tim Tebow to Percy Harvin, gain of five. (Jason Watkins is in at right tackle for the injured Jim Tartt.) Handoff to Harvin, who slithers through the line and gets UF to the Razorback 45. Tebow uses the rocker step and throws a dart to Carl Moore for about 25; the Gators are in the red zone.

A facemask on the Hogs and a not enough men on the line penalty on the Gators offset after a two-yard run around end by Harvin, returning it to first down.

Chris Rainey gets his first carry of the day, taking it up the middle for about five yards. Rainey gets his second carry and does the same thing, making it third and short.

A lofted ball to Louis Murphy gets deflected in the end zone, and on fourth down, the Gators go for it with a Tebow Smash off left guard. He gets it.

On first and goal, Tebow knocks a helmet off of someone, but is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. An option left on second down nets just two as Tebow keeps it.

Timeout and we get a Woodmen of the World commercial. We return and get every senior citizen in Arkansas calling the Hogs.

We go to the field and UF uses the double option, Harvin behind and Brandon James forward for the shovel pass, and Tebow tosses to James, who squirts into the end zone. After a successful PAT, it’s 7-0, Florida.

Arkansas comes out after another touchback and immediately tests Jenkins; he makes a good play to break up another crossing route. The screen on second down isn’t thrown well, and it falls; it’s going to be third and ten.

They go to Michael Smith on a draw, and he follows good blocking and just barely gets the first down.

First down, Smith, right, nothing doing.

On second down, Dick fires deep, and it gets picked by Ahmad Black, who was aided by the mauling Major Wright gave D.J. Williams. The pass interference penalty gives Arkansas first down at their 39, and Smith gets two up the middle.

Again, Arkansas uses a crossing route to get Williams open, and he gets not just a first down but also a foothold in Gator territory; Smith uses that first down to get another one, slipping a Wright tackle.

Dick can’t find any holes in the coverage, and he scrambles unsuccessfully, losing a yard on a sack. Second down, and Dick’s pass is dropped by Greg Childs.

Third and 11: Florida shows blitz, and a Hog jumps.

Third and 16: screen to Smith, who cuts the “to go” in half but puts Arkansas in a bind. Bobby Petrino will go for it; he seems unlikely to give his kicker a chance outside the 30.

There’s a good pass to D.J. Williams, but the route is just too short to get the first down, and Arkansas will turn it over on downs again.

James loses six on a pitch, and Florida comes out with five wide on second down. Tebow’s pass to Aaron Hernandez is incomplete.

On third down, a strike to Murphy, who is probably going to be short; he is, and Urban Meyer sends in his offense. Tebow’s under center, trying to draw a Hog offsides with a hard count; no dice. Florida calls timeout.

Chas Henry, with an enormous punt that travels 60 yards in the air, pins Arkansas within their own 20.

Michael Smith, right, for eight yards. He’s been good, and the first quarter ends.

Smith, again, to begin the second quarter, and he gets a bunch. Another run up the middle, and he gets another seven or eight after a penalty.

And we see why Smith is the focus of the offense: Casey Dick can do nothing on second down, and he throws it away.

On third, another crossing route against man defense, and there’s another first down. Florida’s defense has looked porous until fourth down in their own territory.

Smith goes up the middle on first and right on second, getting seven total and staying on the sideline after Brandon Hicks stands him up on the second carry.

Dick, third down, overshoots D.J. Williams, who is dragged down, probably due to uncalled pass interference, and Petrino sends out his punt team, who, after an intentional delay of game, down the punt at the Florida 1.

Tebow does the play-action step, then throws to Riley Cooper on a curl. There’s a flag, and it’s looking like something on the Gators, but it’s instead pass intereference on the Hogs, and the result of the play is better.

Harvin gets a screen on first down, then a sliding catch (not really) on second down as yellow laundry flies in; it’s a facemask, and the Gators will have first down at their 39.

Er, or first down at their 29 after a holding penalty.

Another pass, another Gators penalty; this one for not enough men on the line, and it’s going to be first and 25.

ANOTHER holding penalty. It’s first and 35.

Tebow throws a flag. (No, wait, incomplete. It’s second and a city block.)

A throw to Murphy cuts about nine from that margin, and Tebow goes to James over the middle on third down, bringing up fourth and 12, a clear punting down.

Incredible! Arkansas’ returner, Michael Smith, loses it in the wind, muffs the catch, and Brandon James pounces on it. It’s going to be a red zone possession for the Gators.

Well, until the 45th penalty (I’m estimating) of the day pushes the Gators back to the 35. The 46th is a false start, and UF faces first and 30.

Jeff Demps erased that quickly. A 36-yard scamper to the end zone for the burner, and Arkansas is seeing red after the storm of yellow fails to derail the Gator offense.

It’s 14-0, Gators, after the point after.

Hey, look, a penalty! This one’s on Arkansas on the kick return, though, and it will be first down from the 13. A reverse by the Hogs turns it into another first down, and then a pass to Smith makes another one happen; Florida’s defense cannot tackle anyone in the open field.

Luckily, a Hog is happy to oblige by slipping and letting the field tackle him.

Dick throws deep on third and 14, and the Razorbacks will have to punt.

Go figure, flags on the punt. The block in the back will back Florida up.

Somehow, Florida gets past the yellow line before getting hit by a yellow rag.

Another flag, this one on the Hogs. Florida’s right at their own 35.

A first down throw after a Tebow Smash for four, and a late hit will tack on 15.

Nothing on first down, and on second, Tebow tosses one to the numbers of a Razorback, but he drops it.

Something happened, obviously, but I was getting pizza, so I don’t care.

Casey Dick goes deep to Joe Adams, who makes a great catch in traffic and gets a first down in Florida territory. A short pass gets six on that first, but Dick gets picked by Haden on second down, and the threat is dead.

Tebow kneels to kill the clock.

At the half, it’s Florida 14, Arkansas 0.

Uh, the second half started a while ago. Florida got a field goal on the opening drive and Arkansas is now in the red zone for the first time.

Arkansas scores, Michael Smith plunging in on the right side. It’s 17-7, Gators.

Tebow threw a pick at some point. It’s 17-7, UF, as we enter the fourth quarter.

And the quarter begins with a Michael Smith fumble, which rolls out of bounds. It’ll be reviewed, because there’s about a three-yard loss in the balance.

It’s fourth down after the call is confirmed, and the Gators will have the ball around their own 20 to begin their first drive of the fourth quarter.

A run by Rainey and a pass to Murphy, and the ball is near midfield.

Something like the seventh not enough men on the line penalty against the Gators will give them another first and long.

After Jeff Demps is stopped on a first-down draw, Tebow hits Murphy, then Deonte Thompson, for double-digit gains, and the Gators are just outside the red zone.

Then, another pass, straight up the middle to Percy Harvin for a score. It’s 24-7, Gators.

The kick is out of bounds, and Arkansas will have the ball at the 40.

Casey Dick misfires on first down, but Michael Smith makes up for it with a draw that gashes the Gators for about 20.

Arkansas, on third and one, gets the first on a good rollout by Dick.

Michael Smith, racing, pushing, stiff-arming, and getting the Hogs to about the 15.

But the first three downs are wasted, and Petrino will send out his kicker.

And it’s Florida’s turn to block a kick, Ahmad Black getting into the backfield and deflecting that one into the end zone. The Gators will take over at about the 20.

Harvin, a couple of tough yards; James, a handful on a screen; Tebow, a fight for the first down.

And then, the electrifying Chris Rainey, with a spin, and with a sprint down the sideline, dives into the end zone to make the margin 30-7 pending point after.

It sails through, and it’s 31-7, Gators.

Raycom shows us the Zapruder film of the Rainey touchdown, and the Hogs start from their own 20, do nothing with the ball, and will punt from their 22.

Holy cow, a penalty.

John Brantley’s been in for this garbage-time drive featuring Rainey and Demps, and Demps streaks into the end zone to cover the spread extend the lead to 38-7 after the extra point.

The game ends with a sack, and the final is Florida 38, Arkansas 7.

It didn’t happen quite the way anyone expected, but Florida routed Arkansas, putting up 21 fourth-quarter points thanks to the fleet feet of Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps and the most effective drive through the air for the Gators this year. Florida’s defense struggled to contain speedy Michael Smith all day, but refused to budge deep in their own territory, and a blocked field goal and an interception when Arkansas was mounting a good drive at the end of the first half helped keep the score down.

I’ll see you tomorrow for another Hangover Cure.

Arkansas will be playing out the string here with just under a minute to go.


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